The Best Commercial Dryer Brands in 2020

The best commercial dryer brands in 2020 |

New year, new dryer!  When choosing new dryers for your property, why not go with the best commercial dryer brands in the industry? 

Commercial Laundries Miami is one of the largest family-owned commercial laundry providers in the multi-housing industry.  With us, you will receive superior machinery from leading brands in the business such as Maytag, Miele, Speed Queen and Whirlpool, along with our exceptional customer service.  Our commercial dryers have advanced engineering and innovative features that are efficient and eco-friendly.  With a wide range of commercial dryer machines available at Commercial Laundries, you have your choice of premium machines for your laundry needs.  Here are some of the exceptional features of our leading dryer manufacturers.

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Maytag has been around since 1893 and is proudly designed, engineered and assembled in the USA.  As one of the most efficient and dependable brands on the market, they are the leading contenders in the commercial laundry business and one of the most recognizable household names. 

Maytag HE dryers help prevent overdrying through their advanced sensors that monitor and detect moisture and air temperature.  With Maytag, you will have cost-effective savings in water, gas, and electric. 

Maytag washers and dryers are considered some of the most robust equipment out there.  With their high-speed performance and shorter wash and dry cycles, they are one of the best, if not the best, in commercial dryer brands for your multi-housing complex.


Miele has been an independently family-owned company since its beginning in 1899.  Strong, dependable German engineering, you will not be disappointed when outfitting your commercial laundry with such exceptional machinery.  They are durable and sustainably built using recyclable materials.  Rigorously tested and inspected, you can rest assured that you are purchasing some of the finest and dependable laundry equipment on the market.

Miele is an innovative brand that has created some of the most impressive technology in commercial laundry.  To ensure longevity and durability, Miele uses only top-quality materials that will deliver the highest standard of operation for years and years to come.  Miele laundry equipment utilizes an advanced extraction system that requires less drying time, resulting in lower utility costs. 

Speed Queen

Speed Queen was found in 1908 in Ripon, Wisconsin and remains there to this day.  With over 100 years in the business, Speed Queen is still at the top of the commercial laundry industry and keeps everyone on their toes with their continuous advanced technology.  Speed Queen machines are strongly built with sophisticated suspension and shock-absorbing frames to help eliminate vibrations resulting in a quieter laundry experience.

Their “effortless laundry” motto stands the test of time and continues to be one of the pioneers in commercial laundry.  Their single load dryers have 2 square foot door openings and feature reversible doors for easy access; a feature that is often overlooked but can make all the difference.


Whirlpool, established in 1911 in Benton Harbor, Michigan, is one of the most well-known commercial laundry brands worldwide.  Although the youngest company on our list, their washers and dryers surpass their competition.  Whirlpool equipment is beautifully designed and thoughtfully engineered to be one of the most user-friendly and intuitive machines for your tenants.

Whirlpool dryers are certainly among the best commercial dryer brands in the world.  Known for its steam cycle that refreshes laundry and reduces odors and wrinkles, they are true innovators in their field.  They are also recognized for being one of the first companies to introduce sustainable energy and water-efficient washers.

Enhance your communal laundry room by providing the best commercial dryers in your multi-housing property.  Your tenants will appreciate your attention to quality and detail.  Just know you can’t go wrong with any of these innovative brands at Commercial Laundries.  Contact our team today at (305) 699-3956.

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