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Coin and Card Operated Commercial Washers & Commercial Dryers

At Commercial Laundries we can help make your laundry center dependable, profitable and a satisfying experience for your residents. We recognize that each building has its own requirements. Whether you want to add a new laundry center or upgrade your existing equipment, Commercial Laundries can help.

We provide the latest technological advancements in laundry equipment and service. We specialize in custom solutions that meet your community’s specific needs, both economically and environmentally.


Local Service Teams are Ready to Serve You

In addition to providing you with the right equipment, we are proud of our commitment to provide local service and excellent customer satisfaction. With offices in Tampa, Orlando and Miami, and service personnel positioned throughout the state, your satisfaction is our top priority. We offer fast and reliable service. You can request service online, by phone or by email.

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Our Utility Assessment Report Shows You How to Increase Your Savings      

At Commercial Laundries our clients are part of the team and we work hard to pass cost savings on to you. One way in which we help to better serve you is with our Utility Assessment Report, which measures the effectiveness of your present laundry room operation and shows you how we can help make you more efficient and cost-effective.


"My experience with Commercial Laundries was fantastic... Right off the bat Adam worked with me to get the best equipment for my laundry room and most importantly the financing quickly approved."

David S

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