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Commercial Laundry Miami

A longtime leader in Florida's commercial laundry sector, Commercial Laundries is a family owned business that has built an enviable reputation for dependability by installing the finest washers and dryers available on the market. Our policy has always been relationship management as opposed to contract management.

Offering a wide variety of commercial laundry room equipment contracts and leases, we specialize in coin and card operated self-service laundries for multi-family housing, including apartments, condominiums, student housing, senior housing and nursing homes. We are also the largest supplier of commercial laundry equipment for Florida's commercial and educational industries, including schools, hotels, motels and restaurants.

As one of the largest family owned full-service laundry providers to the multi-housing industry in the state of Florida, we have offices in Tampa, Orlando and Miami. We currently maintain and operate laundry equipment at more than 1,000 locations statewide, providing a local presence in each market we serve. Since our humble beginnings, we have been committed to improving laundry performance and profitability. And with today's rapidly changing technology, we continue to research new innovations to better serve our clients' needs while providing the performance and quality workmanship they've come to expect.

In 2007, we made a company-wide commitment to help protect and preserve Florida's environment. We do so in many ways, including: offering clients environmentally responsible solutions to reduce utility costs; installing energy efficient washers and dryers to reduce water usage and improve energy efficiency; reusing and recycling materials; purchasing recycled materials whenever possible; and working with our suppliers to provide environmentally responsible products.

Our dedication to your satisfaction does not end with our equipment line. Even more important is our dedicated staff. We follow up all service commitments immediately with professionally trained and experienced technicians capable of superior response times.


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