Why Should You Lease Washer and Dryer Equipment?

Find out how to lease washers and dryers from top name brands to increase revenue. Is your business outsourcing its laundry? You can cut the high cost of laundry cleaning bills by leasing washer and dryer equipment for your business. Commercial Laundries is a leading commercial laundry vendor in Florida that provides high quality laundry…

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Reasons a Coin Washer and Dryer Will Benefit Your Business

Find out how coin operated washers and dryers will benefits your business and customers. Did you know that coin operated washer and dryer equipment has been running Laundromats and on-premise laundry facilities for over 50 years? Coin washer and dryer equipment was introduced by Harry Miller, founder of Harry Miller Appliances. Harry began installing coin…

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Speed Queen vs. Whirlpool: Commercial Laundry Equipment Comparison

Learn how used commercial laundry equipment can increase revenue and please tenants Finding it hard to decide on what commercial laundry equipment to get? It can seem pretty daunting if you don’t know the specifics of each product. If you can’t decide on Speed Queen vs. Whirlpool products, then Commercial Laundries can help make the…

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Could a Card Operated Washer and Dryer Help Your Business?

Let credit card operated laundry machines from Commercial Laundries increase revenue and entice tenants. If you want the best card operated washer and dryer laundry equipment, Commercial Laundries can help. We have high quality credit card operated laundry machines for your new retail laundry facility, or to upgrade your existing one. One of our reps…

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Card or Coin Operated Laundry Machines for Sale – Which is best for you?

Need coin operated laundry machines for sale? Contact today! What type of laundry machinery is best for your facility? Should you go with traditional coin operated machines that most people are familiar with, or go with the new and convenient card operated laundry machines? Commercial Laundries gives you the scoop on both types of…

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Looking for Coin Operated Laundry Machines for Sale?

Find the best coin operated washer and dryer for your business with the help of Commercial Laundries. Most multi-housing property owners are always thinking of ways to improve your property’s value and appeal, and also generate additional revenue. One way to achieve these goals is to add popular, and sought after, amenities that potential renters…

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How a Card Operated Washer and Dryer Can Save Time and Increase Revenue

Learn how card operated washers and dryers can entice new tenants and increase your revenue.   If you own a retail laundry facility, then you know how important it is to have dependable credit card operated washer and dryer available to your tenants. As an established vendor in the commercial laundry sector, Commercial Laundries can provide…

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Is On Site Laundry Right for Your Business?

Need coin operated laundry machines for sale? Find affordable name brands at Commercial Laundries. If you own a multi-housing property, you can upgrade your property by adding a commercial laundry facility. An on site laundry facility will increase your property’s value and your tenant’s will love the added convenience and time saver. A laundry facility…

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How Credit Card Operated Laundry Machines Work

Need card operated laundry machines for sale? Looking to upgrade your retail laundry facility with credit card operated laundry machines? Smart Card technology is one of the latest technological improvements in the commercial laundry business that eliminates coin collection from each machine and also makes bookkeeping easy. Commercial Laundries can provide you with quality card…

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Are Used Commercial Washing Machines Reliable?

Used Commercial Washing Machines – Are They Worth It? There are many retail commercial laundry facility owners that are looking for inexpensive and cost-effective ways to obtain the machines they need for their business. If you are one of those people, Commercial Laundries can provide you with the machines you need without going over budget.…

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