Environmental commitment commercial washer and dryer

Expert Commercial Washer Environmental Commitment

Today’s laundry systems are incorporating the latest technologies. Innovation has allowed for less water consumption, less energy use and less detergent use. Commercial Laundries is committed to providing its customers with the latest machinery and innovation to help protect the planet. We offer a wide range of front and top loading energy efficient models that can handle big (or small) loads, saving you time, energy and money.

For environmentally conscious residents, commercial laundries’ laundry equipment is the perfect fit! Our laundry machines are more energy-efficient, spinning at very high speeds to extract a large volume of water to dry cloths quickly. Our washers and dryers are ada compliant, so your disabled residents will be able to enjoy the convenience of your on-site self-service laundry room facility without the need for additional accommodations.

All of commercial laundries’ laundry equipment is available with your choice of payment controls. You can choose our traditional coin-operated washers and dryers, which offer tiered pricing and plus-cycle options that let owners set vend prices by day, time of day, water temperature, and cycle options. If you prefer, you can opt for our card-operated commercial laundry equipment that allows your residents to pay for their laundry machine use with just the swipe of a smart card, refillable via debit or credit card or by cash at a central payment terminal/VTM (Value Transfer Machine).

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