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Cashless Laundry Payment Systems and Apps

Have you heard about new coinless laundry payment systems for commercial washers and dryers?  Cashless laundry payment systems offer a world of convenience to you and your patrons and added security and safety to your laundry facility.  With the use of their smartphone, your patrons can access and pay for their laundry with ease and comfort from their device.

The implementation of a contactless commercial laundry payment app can greatly benefit your laundry facility in today’s unprecedented times.  Not only are they easy to use and more accessible to younger generations, but they are also more hygienic.  Investing in new equipment can certainly get you full access to a commercial laundry payment app, however, it isn’t a deal-breaker.  Your current coin or smart card laundry machines may be adaptable to a cashless laundry payment system.

cashless commercial laudry payment systems

Cashless Laundry Payment Systems for Commercial Washers and Dryers

Here at Commercial Laundries, we offer several coinless laundry machine options to best suit your demographic and plenty of economical solutions to meet your budget. Whether you operate a multi-family housing complex, university housing, hotel, or RV park, give your patrons the convenient and safe laundry amenity they need and desire.

Smartphone app laundry payment systems are easy to install and simple to use.

Transitioning your laundry amenity to coinless laundry equipment is effortless with our well-trained and experienced technicians.  Your patrons will quickly adjust to the use of your commercial laundry payment app and appreciate the convenience of a cashless system with 3 easy steps.

Cashless Laundry Payment App


Benefits of Cashless Payment Systems


The benefits of cashless laundry offer a world of convenience for you and your patrons and added security and safety to your laundry facility.

Benefits For You:

  • Remote Access
    Monitor your laundry facility, adjust pricing, and view transactions and patron usage all from an online database that makes your job as a property manager easier.
  • Automatic and Accurate Auditing
    No more coin collecting and counting.  All transactions are automatically and accurately audited for full transparency to your laundry amenity operation.
  • Increased Security
    With the elimination of coins the threat of theft is significantly reduced.
  • Profitability
    Remotely adjust pricing, upsell wash and dry cycles, customize equipment features, and offer promotions to increase revenue.
  • Cost-Effectiveness
    Eliminate small operational costs such as counting, collecting, and transporting coins.  Save on time and labor costs by relying on your new cashless laundry payment systems.  No more backed up or broken coin boxes.

Benefits For Your Residents:

  • Mobile Notifications and Alerts
    Commercial laundry payment apps allow patrons to find available machines, monitor their laundry’s progress, and receive alerts on completed cycles, all from the convenience of their smartphones.
  • Clean and Safe Laundry Experience
    Safety is your patrons’ utmost priority and coinless laundry machines offer an experience that is cleaner and more sanitary.
  • Accessibility
    Offering multiple payment options such as coinless and smart card laundry machines will grant access to a wider range of residents.  In today’s day and age, a mobile app laundry payment system will cater to younger generations and increase their satisfaction and usage.
Benefits of Cashless Laundry Payment Systems

When it comes to coinless laundry equipment what are your options and how do you get started?

We have multiple options to help suit your laundry facility’s individual needs, be it mobile app laundry payment systems smart card laundry machines. Convert your current equipment to a hybrid system with the help of our experts at Commercial Laundries.  We have affordable buying and leasing opportunities paired with quick delivery and easy installation to get your upgrade facility up and running. Let us know if you have questions about how you can implement a cashless laundry payment system in your laundry facility. Call 855-254-9274 today.

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