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Laundry Equipment for College Dorms

Laundry machines take a beating on college and university campuses. At Commercial Laundries we work closely with our college and university partners to create a campus laundry program that delivers with every load, giving students the wash and dry they want.

For our college and university commercial laundry partners, the laundry room can be an additional revenue generator if designed correctly. Our sales team will work with your team to create a strategy that works specifically for your dormitory and off-campus needs, taking into account the economics and environmental aspects. Our programs can help protect the environment by significantly reducing water, detergent use and energy use.

Whether you want to add a new laundry center or upgrade existing equipment, we offer leading laundry amenities, sophisticated energy efficient washers and dryers in both top load and front load, and the highest quality service for your students.

Not sure how well your current laundry room facilities are working for you?

According to the Multi-housing Laundry Association (MLA) in Raleigh, NC, designing a common area laundry room that is appealing to residents should take into consideration the following:

  • Convenience is key.
    MLA recommends common area laundries be located near main traffic areas within several hundred feet of any one unit. This may mean several smaller rooms for dormitory housing developments.
  • Make it safe, and keep it clean.
    Lined trash cans encourage resident participation in keeping rooms clean, and outside laundry service providers should keep the machines clean and functioning properly.
  • Add more machines and newer technology.
    Next to a dirty laundry room, there’s nothing worse than making your residents wait more than a few minutes for a machine. Add new washers and dryers as needed, while upgrading technology and educating students on their use.
  • Enhance the social element.
    Laundry rooms are used by residents more often than the dormitory lounge areas. Add more seating, wide-screen TVs and vending options to give the room a sense of community.

Our experienced team can analyze your existing space, make recommendations, and work with you to design and achieve your laundry goals and needs.

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