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We specialize in the distribution of industrial laundry equipment to businesses needing the additional strength of industrial design. We service nursing homes, restaurants, hotels, motels, schools, catering companies and any other business that requires laundry services. When you partner with Commercial Laundries you can be assured your laundry operation is running efficiently. Our on-premise laundry programs can save you 50% or more on your linen costs.

One of the main advantages of installing an on-premise laundry system is that all your linen requirements are managed and controlled on site. This means you will pay less but still get high-quality service that will save you and your company money in the long term. The main reason as to why your costs will be so low is that no transportation is required with an on-premise laundry set up.


In addition, there will always be linen there when you need it. This is important for businesses such as restaurants and hotels that go through lot of laundry on any given day. Furthermore, you have total control over the entire wash process, so you can wash loads on the correct cycle using the detergent of your choice. The result: less wear-and-tear on the linen. In addition, any problems with lost or misplaced linen will also be greatly reduced. Finally, you will also have the opportunity to earn extra revenue by charging for the use of the machines – which could mean the equipment will pay for itself over an extended period of time.

Our experienced sales team will work with your team to create a strategy that works specifically for your on-premise laundry needs. We install top of the line Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment, including washers, dryers, ironers and other items. We not only sell equipment, we also offer competitive financing and flexible leasing programs.

Whether you’re building a new laundry operation or upgrading existing equipment, it pays to partner with an experienced company like Commercial Laundries.

Let our experienced team analyze your existing space, make recommendations and provide you with a free Utility Analysis Report, which measures the effectiveness of your present laundry operation and shows you how we can help make you more efficient and cost-effective.


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