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Multi-Housing Managed Laundry Leasing Options

Multi-Housing communities who provide community laundry equipment for their residents are almost always seen as more desirable than those not providing onsite laundry facilities. Providing good quality card or coin operated laundry equipment that is functioning at optimal service is key to keep residents and managers happy. At Commercial Laundries, we share that goal with you.

We offer exceptional laundry equipment and maintenance of all machines with our leasing programs. Our customized contracts can be tailored to meet the needs of any multi-housing property. Our commercial laundry equipment leasing programs are structured to leave you without the stress of managing the coin operated laundry equipment yourself. On top of that, our leased washers and dryers can help save you money on electricity, gas, and water.


Adding Commercial Laundry Equipment to your Multi-Housing Property

If you have not provided card or coin operated washers and dryers to your multi-housing property before, you may want to speak to one of our employees about the benefits it could offer and how it works.  Our contracts can all be customized to the needs of your particular property. Since we have a large inventory of commercial washers and dryers and a full-service staff, we are able to get your coin operated laundry machines to you quickly and without hassle.


Upgrading Your Multi-Housing Commercial Laundry Equipment

Upgrading your older, slower, or damaged coin operated laundry equipment to newer, better performing machines will save you money in the long run. You could potentially be saving more on energy and water bills with these newer machines.  The cycles are shorter and more efficient in newer washer and dryers, which is a plus for your residents and your water and electric bills. Residents of multi-housing communities are appreciative of the new laundry equipment that enhances their way of living.

Card or Card Operated Laundry Equipment


Both card and coin operated washers and dryers are available to meet your commercial laundry equipment needs.  Our coin operated laundry machines are available in a large array of sizes, capabilities and prices, all with high capacity coin vaults to allow for many uses before the coins need to be dispensed. They are also designed to be tamper resistant to deter theft, and to refuse entry of international coins or other foreign objects that could jam the coin slots. This widely-known type of commercial washers and dryers is an easy choice for many multi-housing properties.

SmartCard laundry machines is a newer technology, where residents would swipe a card rather than use coins for running a wash or dry. With card operated washers and dryers, a CleanPay Kiosk will be setup for residents to add credit to their cards using cash, credit or debit cards.  This system allows for automated reports to be run for the income generated from the machines and eliminates the maintenance of coins for coin op laundry machines.

With any Commercial Laundries lease for multi-housing communities, we deliver, install and can even remove old machines if needed. We provide free on-going maintenance to make sure your machines are running at optimal performance. We pride ourselves in being a dependable partner for your commercial laundry needs.  Please give us a call today at 855-254-9274 to learn more about how Commercial Laundries can help you with your coin or card op laundry machines for your multi-housing properties today.

The benefits of high-efficiency washers include:

  • Water savings,
    adding up to thousands of dollars over the term of a laundry service contract
  • A high-speed water extraction
    process with more water removed from the final spin, resulting in lower gas or electric bills
  • Cleaner clothes,
    with the option of using high-efficiency detergents that leave fewer residues on clothing and in wastewater
  • Larger laundry loads that are finished faster,
    keeping the supply of clean laundry moving.
  • Up to 50% less wastewater
    running into sewer systems, reducing treatment costs and the demands on overloaded system
  • A one-third reduction
    in hot water use and the energy required to heat it
  • Front-loading machines
    that can hold more laundry due to the lack of an agitator in the middle of the drum

Our machines and smart card systems are installed in more than 1000 condominiums, co-ops, apartment dwellings and nursing homes throughout the state of Florida.

Our sales team will analyze your existing space and work with you to create a strategy that works specifically for your multi-housing laundry needs from both an economical and environmental basis. Our programs can help protect the environment by significantly reducing water, detergent and energy use.

Whether you want to add a new laundry center or upgrade existing equipment, we offer leading laundry amenities, sophisticated energy efficient washers and dryers in both top load and front load, and the highest quality service for you and your residents.

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