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Hotel Commercial Laundry Equipment

If you are considering adding hotel commercial laundry equipment for your property, know you are about to make a wise investment that can increase guest satisfaction and revenue. Guests who stay in hotels, particularly guests staying multiple nights, will be thrilled to know there is a safe and efficient onsite hotel laundry facility that will meet their needs. Whether you cater more to business clientele or families, commercial washers and dryers for hotels will provide guests the services they need and offer you a way to increase profits.

Did you know an appropriately designed onsite commercial laundry facility is the key to generating revenue? If this is a new endeavor for you, the skilled Commercial Laundries team can help you create a layout and strategy that works for your needs, while taking into account your budget and the environmental aspects of your property. What you will receive in return is an appealing commercial laundry area that guests will want to take advantage of.

In addition to helping you map out your onsite facility’s strategy, we can also help you determine which of our energy, water, and detergent efficient commercial washers and dryers will work best for your property. When you partner with us, you can receive top brand commercial laundry equipment for hotels made by Whirlpool, Maytag, Speed Queen and more. Plus, with our incredible leasing programs, you don’t have to worry about a massive outlay of money at the get-go.

Last, we can help you decide between card and coin operated machinery as well. Though hotel guests tend to prefer card operated laundry equipment, we can discuss the pros and cons of each style with you before you make your decision.

The Benefits of Leasing Hotel Commercial Laundry Equipment

There is a reason a major percentage of our business resides in leasing customers – we will customize your contract and help you reach your business goals, while offering unbeatable service. Did you know that our leasing customers have their equipment consistently maintained and services on a regular basis for no added cost? This ensures your hotel commercial laundry equipment works at peak performance for many years to come. In addition, upon signing or renewing your contract with us, you might be eligible for signing bonuses or money towards free laundry room improvements.

Tell us more about your hotel’s laundry needs for guests and we will create a personalized lease that helps you increase profits, satisfies guests, and saves you money on sewer, water, electricity and gas.

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Not sure how to design a laundry area for hotel guests? Take the following into consideration:

  • Choose a convenient location

According to the Multi-housing Laundry Association, common laundry spaces should be located close to central traffic areas where they can be easily accessed and located.

  • Create a safe and tidy environment

Get rave reviews regarding your hotel and laundry space by committing to keeping a safe, clean, and comfortable laundry environment. Not only will your guests be pleased that they are able to launder clothes while away from home, but these elements will enhance their overall impression of your establishment.

  • Equip using newer technology

Commercial laundry equipment has come a long way over time. High-efficient machines that work quickly and get the job done are crucial to guest satisfaction, in addition to having enough machines that negate long wait times.

  • Enhance the experience

Because doing laundry requires waiting times, why not offer guests free Wi-Fi, televisions, board games, and comfortable seating? This will keep guests entertained and offer business clients the opportunity to work remotely while doing their laundry.

Commercial Laundry Equipment Repair and Maintenance

Creating a standout hotel commercial laundry facility is simple and affordable when you partner with the experts at Commercial Laundries. Let us analyze your existing area and help you create the onsite laundry facility your guests’ desire.

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