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Sell Used Commercial Laundry Equipment

Are you frustrated with all the headaches that are associated with your onsite laundry rooms? Tired of spending hard-earned money on expensive commercial laundry equipment, plus service and repairs? If so, Commercial Laundries has great news for you! We are always in the buying mood, and this can mean less headaches and hassles for you, in addition to money in your pocket. Here are options to maintain or sell used commercial laundry equipment:

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Sell Used Commercial Laundry Equipment

Sell your current laundry equipment.

Do you own or manage a multi-housing rental property, hotel, school, condo, or property management company? If so, you may have commercial washer and dryer equipment onsite that you can turn in. Often times, people are unsure as to the best protocol for offloading this type of equipment. In these cases, Commercial Laundries can actually take your washers and dryers off your hands entirely by purchasing it from you and signing a lease and installing new equipment on your property.

Become an equipment and facility management partner.

Perhaps you want an onsite commercial laundry facility on your property but do not want the hassle of maintaining and managing it on a daily basis. With the help of Commercial Laundries, we can create a customized program just for you that allows us to manage the facility for you. If this interests you, you might be wondering if this is a profitable option. You’ll be pleased to know that it isn’t unusual for building owners to make the same income by having us as a partner due to superior service, theft prevention, and customer retention. We take care of all the commercial laundry equipment maintenance and management for you!

Give tenants and/or workers the reliable and durable commercial laundry equipment they need, while you sit back and cash checks as the Commercial Laundries team handles all your resident laundry needs.

Benefits of Commercial Laundries Facility Management

If the idea of a hands-off approach to your onsite commercial laundry facility interests you, speak to a Commercial Laundries representative to learn more about the program. In addition to less stress and hassles, Commercial Laundries will guarantee all of your equipment is regularly receiving commercial laundry equipment maintenance and/or repair in order to extend the life of the machine and keep it in top running condition. In addition, we will be responsible for any issues or complaints such as foreign coin jammed in a machine, or a piece of equipment that isn’t running properly.

At Commercial Laundries, we also continuously invest in our service and maintenance team members through educational and certification programs. This allows them to stay on top of the latest commercial laundry technology in order to better serve you. With multiple skilled team members maintaining your laundry facility while you focus on other important tasks, there is no reason not to have this profitable amenity on your property!

Customize Your Commercial Laundry Management Plan Today!

Are you ready to keep your onsite laundry facility in top running condition while our team manages the ongoing responsibilities? It’s possible when you partner with the laundry experts at Commercial Laundries. We serve over a thousand businesses throughout Florida and have served the commercial laundry community for over 50 years.

Commercial Laundries looks forward to helping you sell coin laundry equipment, or helping you maintain a revenue-generating onsite facility. Through our partnerships with top brand equipment from companies such as Whirlpool, Maytag and SpeedQueen, provide current and future tenants with the onsite amenity they are searching for.


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