Leasing Laundry Equipment Options

The core part of our commercial laundry business lies in our leasing programs. We customize our contracts and leases to fit your particular program’s needs and goals. Our leasing programs are designed to improve the laundry experience for you and your customers. Furthermore, our leasing programs are structured to help you increase your revenue while saving you money on water, sewer, gas and electricity.

As a leading commercial laundry vendor and an authorized dealer, we understand the importance of quality and service. We offer a large variety of coin operated and smart card Energy Star-rated commercial washers and dryers from top brand names, including Speed Queen, Maytag and Whirlpool. We know you will appreciate the dependability, reliability and energy efficiency of our product line. And you can be assured that your machinery will work for you wash after wash and dry after dry, performing at peak levels at all times.

In addition, we service and maintain our laundry machines on a regular basis at no added cost to our leasing customers. We often award our leasing customers with signing bonuses or money for laundry room improvements at the signing of or renewal of contracts. Our sales team will work with you to help you select the right machinery and options that work for your property and budget.

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At Commercial Laundries we can help make your laundry center dependable and profitable while providing a satisfying experience for your residents. Though every multi-housing dwelling has its own requirements, the goal is the same: achieving a superior laundry experience for your residents.

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Laundry machines take a beating on college and university campuses. At Commercial Laundries we work closely with our college and university partners to create a campus laundry program that delivers with every load, giving students the wash and dry they want.

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We specialize in the distribution of industrial laundry equipment to businesses such as nursing homes, restaurants, hotels, schools, and other businesses that require laundry services. Our on-premise laundry programs can save you 50% or more on your linen costs.

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Whether you’ve made a career in the coin laundry business or are just getting started, you need a partner you can trust. When you work with Commercial Laundries you are partnering with a company you can depend on to achieve maximum performance and profitability.

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