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Unlike national commercial laundry companies that partner with part-time independent contractors to service their equipment, we serve our clients with our own full-time, professional and highly trained and experienced service technicians. We believe by employing our own team the level of performance is consistently outstanding.

Our master technicians participate in continuing education classes and hands-on training courses designed to further develop their skills.

Each of our service techs is assigned a specific route and services the same clients on a regular basis. We believe assigning one rep to a specific client is the best method for routine follow-up and maintenance.

As the busy owner of a South Florida Commercial Washers and Dryers multi-family rental property, you are aware of the many benefits self-service commercial laundry rooms provide. You would love to have one of these laundry rooms on your premises, but you cannot afford to waste time trying to obtain the services and help that would enable you to establish your own laundry room. Turn to Commercial Laundries – we have been providing complete laundry equipment services in South Florida for more than 50 years. We can help you with every step of setting up a self-service laundry room on your premises, including initial site assessment, equipment selection, delivery, installation, replacement parts and repair services – we can even handle the operation of your laundry room for the ultimate no-hassle laundry room ownership!

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