At Commercial Laundries in Fort Myers, a substantial portion of our business rests in our customizable lease programs. Every customer we interact with brings forth a unique set of needs, space requirements, budget goals and more. By becoming intimately familiar with each customer’s business and desires, we can create a distinctive commercial laundry solution and lease program. Each lease program designed by Commercial Laundries is built to save customer’s money on electric, gas, water and sewer while also increasing their profit (regarding multi-housing rentals, dormitories, etc.)

Your Fort Myers Commercial Laundries location is an authorized dealer and leading vendor of top name brands in the industry including Speed Queen, Maytag and Whirlpool. We only work with leading manufacturers because they provide our customers with durability, solid construction, and longevity. Our commercial washers and dryers are available in both card or coin-operated options and are Energy Star-rated and at the top of the class in terms of efficiency.

Designing a Commercial Laundry Lease Program For Your Needs

Providing this type of quality equipment is part of our commitment to our customers and has helped us build countless long-term relationships since we began in 1972. If a commercial laundry lease program interests you, one of our skilled team members will work alongside you to find the correct balance of machines for your needs. Plus, all of our lease program members are provided with free service and maintenance for the lifetime of the relationship. This ensures every piece of equipment is operating at optimal level and it extends the lifespan of each machine. Last, Commercial Laundries Fort Myers believes in rewarding loyal customers. We often offer money or signing bonuses for laundry facility upgrades at the time of renewal or initial signing of a lease contract.

  • Multi-Housing Rental Properties:
    Property owners and managers who are seeking to offer existing and new tenants top tier laundry solutions often ask about our leasing programs. With many makes and model options to choose from, creating a dependable, efficient and affordable facility is easy and profitable.
  • Laundromats:
    From designing your initial laundromat or building upon an established business in coin or card laundromats, let us partner with and help you achieve top tier performance and increase your revenue generation.
  • On-Premise:
    Commercial Laundries specializes in on-premise laundry solutions for hospitals, nursing homes, catering halls, hotels, restaurants and more. By outfitting these businesses with commercial washers and dryers onsite, an approximate savings of 50% or more on linen costs can be attained.
  • Academic:
    College dormitories are often in need of an onsite laundry facility, though it is common knowledge the machines in these environments need to be rugged and solid. Our Commercial Laundries team in Fort Myers enjoys working with university and college partners seeking to create a campus laundry area that delivers superior results with each affordable load.
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