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Miele Washing Machines at Commercial Laundries

Would you like to make a huge impact on your commercial laundry business? You can begin by installing Miele laundry machines.
Commercial Laundries can show you how to exceed your income potential with our benchmark Miele washing machines. Not all commercial laundry products are built with such excellent qualities as our Miele washer and dryer for sale.

Commercial Laundries is the leading laundry vendor in Florida supplying premium laundry products and services to the commercial and educational sectors. We are known for our superior laundry products, services and expertise in the field. We carry world famous brands, including the very impressive Miele washing machines and dryers.

Miele Washer and Dryers for Sale

Our Miele laundry products are designed and built through sheer genius, and provide you with exceptional performance and cost-effective low consumption values. Miele washing machine parts are:

  • Durably built to enhance sustainability
  • Operate efficiently with a minimum stress load
  • Have a high standard of excellence
  • Acknowledge environmental sustainability by using recyclable materials in their products.

Plus, our Miele washer and dryers for sale are designed and built to use a minimum of water, energy and detergent, which can significantly impact your operating costs. Miele creates impressive laundry products that are strong and reliable to deliver high market performance. To guarantee that Miele products attain their benchmark industry standards, they are rigorously tested and inspected before receiving their final stamp of approval and sent to market. When you purchase Miele washing machines and dryers, you can be sure that you have acquired some of the finest laundry products ever built.

Miele Washing Machine Parts

To ensure quality control, most Miele washing machine parts are manufactured in-house. All aspects of production are monitored and managed to assure that machine parts meet the company’s high standards of excellence. Some areas of in-house production include:

  • The manufacture of plastic parts
  • The metal foundry
  • Motor development
  • Electronic production

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Miele Washing Machines and Dryers Technology

Miele creates the highest level of technology by utilizing innovative and vibrant industrial systems, integrated with application-specific care programs, to manufacture Miele washing machines and dryers that are expressly applicable to commercial and industrial use.

To reinforce maximum durability, longevity and smooth operation, Miele incorporates top quality materials with reinforced shock absorbers and sturdy drum bearing. To maintain frequent large load operations successfully, advanced extraction systems are utilized, producing a cleaner, drier laundry outcome. Miele is also known for their patented Honeycomb drums, and their PerfectDry dryer systems. Our Miele washer and dryers for sale operate on very short cycles, requiring minimum energy usage and saving time for consumers.

Premium Miele Washer and Dryer for Sale

Miele’s motto has always been “Immer Besser” which means “forever better.” You can depend on our Miele washer and dryer for sale to deliver a high standard of operation, along with cost-effective savings on utilities. Your patrons will love using Miele laundry machines and appreciate the excellent laundry outcome that they produce.

Here at Commercial Laundries, we also carry space saving Miele washing machines and dryers to maximize space in a small laundry facility. We serve all types of businesses including: multi-housing properties, hotels, restaurants, student housing, hospitals, etc. Whether you have a large or small business, we would consider it an honor to serve you with our commercial laundry products and services.

Add Miele Washing Machines to Your Property

With all Miele Washing Machines from Commercial Laundries, we deliver, install and can even remove old machines if needed. We provide free on-going maintenance to make sure your machines are running at optimal performance. We pride ourselves in being a dependable partner for your commercial laundry needs.

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