Maytag Washing Machines at Commercial Laundries

You can enhance your laundry business potential and also discover the superior performance of Maytag laundry equipment for yourself, when you install Maytag washing machines and dryers in your commercial laundry facility.

Maytag machines are tough enough to tackle stubborn dirt, stains and grime, and deliver a clean laundry outcome every time. That is why Maytag laundry products are a favorite choice among commercial laundry facilities across the globe.

Maytag Washer and Dryers for Sale at Commercial Laundries

Our Maytag washer and dryers for sale are considered some of the strongest laundry workers on the market, delivering a robust high-speed performance level that is safe and effective for all types of laundry loads. Whether you are washing dirty work clothes or gentle delicates, our Maytag washing machines can provide a clean laundry outcome while still protecting the integrity of fabrics.

Maytag washing machine parts are durably built for sustainability and efficiency, and systemic operations are designed to perform a thorough cleansing around and through laundry fabric fibers. Your patrons can realize firsthand the superlative cleaning power of our Maytag washing machines, while still preserving the lifespan of their laundry items.

About Maytag Washing Machines

Our fine selection of Maytag washer and dryers for sale at competitive prices gives you the opportunity to select premium laundry products that can be an asset to your laundry business. Maytag Company is over a century old, and has had lots of experience in research and development projects that have improved the laundry products industry. And Maytag washing machines and dryers are proudly designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.

Commercial Laundries is a leading commercial laundry vendor in Florida, and we are known for our excellent laundry products and services. Our Maytag washer and dryer for sale will provide you with cost-effective savings in water, gas and electric costs because Maytag machines are designed to operate using fewer utilities. Maytag’s high-speed performance and shorter cycle times also help to cut utility costs while turning out a cleaner laundry result.

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Maytag Washing Machine Parts and Systems

Take a closer look at the innovative details that go into Maytag washing machine parts and systems and get a better understanding of how extraordinary Maytag washing machines really are:

  • The PowerWash selection assures that deep-set dirt and grime is lifted out of the laundry fabric fibers, making Maytag washing machines the leader in stain removal.
  • The FreshHold cycle releases a continuous stream of circulating air into the washtub after the wash cycle is completed. This feature keeps your laundry fresh and free from musty odors and mildew until you are able to retrieve your laundry items.
  • The ColdWash cycle is the perfect solution for laundering delicate items.
  • Maytag cycle selections include an option to adjust for the soil level of the laundry load. Other cycle selections include: water temperature selection, the number of rinses desired (DeepRinse), and the amount of water used in the wash cycle (DeepWater Wash).
  • The ExtraPower selection begins with a 10-minute blast of cold-water stain-lifting power that removes cold-water stains and prevents others from setting deep into the fabric. This action is followed by a warmer temperature that helps to remove tougher stains.
  • Maytag washing machine parts and systems also includes a Smart remote-control app that provides laundry cycle notifications, and also troubleshoots to diagnose problems.
  • Maytag dryers are equipped with Advanced Moisture Sensing that monitors inside moisture and air temperatures to dry laundry evenly.
  • The large and extra-large capacity Maytag washer with the Power Impeller delivers the best cleaning power in its class.
  • The SanitizeCycle removes 99.9 percent of common household bacteria.

Add Maytag Washing Machines to Your Property

You and your patrons can begin to appreciate all the fine qualities of our Maytag washer and dryers for sale. With vibrant performance, enhanced efficiency, and durable Maytag washing machine parts, Maytag offers you the very finest in commercial laundry products.

With all Maytag Washing Machines from Commercial Laundries, we deliver, install and can even remove old machines if needed. We provide free on-going maintenance to make sure your machines are running at optimal performance. We pride ourselves in being a dependable partner for your commercial laundry needs.

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