3 Laundry Payment Options for Apartments in Miami

3 Laundry Payment Options for Apartments in Miami

When you are managing apartment buildings or rentals in Miami FL containing a laundry room, you know that the more payment options you provide your residents, the more likely it is they will use your in-house washers and dryers instead of taking their clothes to a laundromat. Today, more people tend to be comfortable with using cashless payment options, such as debit or credit cards. The same trend can be found in the commercial laundry industry.

The laundry payment options for commercial laundry for condos in Miami include:

Traditional Coin-Operated Laundry Machines

A coin-operated laundry machine has been the standard in multi-family residences for decades. Usually the machines take only quarters or tokens for customers to be able to start their laundry.

Although some laundry equipment will allow you to install a debit and credit reader onto their cash machine that takes Apple Pay and Google Wallet payments, you may want to keep up with the competition with an upgrade to a completely cashless commercial laundry system.

Cashless Commercial Laundry Payment Systems

If you run a north Miami apartment building, your tenants will appreciate the convenience of not having to save up their quarters, and you will find the benefits quickly outweigh the cost of upgrading your payment system. Coinless payment laundry systems come in two main categories: card operated laundry, and app-operated laundry.

1.   Card-operated machines

Card-operated laundry equipment uses “smart laundry cards” that are the size and shape of a credit card. Residents or customers will upload money onto the card, and then swipe it in a card reader attached to the washer or dryer to start the cycle. This card functions like a reloadable gift card, with the ability to check your balance and monitor your usage via web-based applications. Card operated laundry is much more convenient than coin laundry, because you can easily fit the card in your wallet, check your balance online, and reload at the push of a button.

2.   Mobile laundry applications for phone/tablet

Mobile apps are easy to use. A popular app is called Laundryvalue, but there are numerous to choose from. Users can download the application onto their smartphone or tablet, create an account, and provide their bank information or credit card information, and reload their account with funds by simply tapping their phone. To start the laundry machine of their choosing, they can scan a QR code found on the machine, or input the machine’s identification number into the app, starting the laundry machine. These apps also allow multihousing property residents of Miami apartments the time-saving option of checking whether there is a free machine before leaving their apartment.

App operated commercial laundry equipment will provide residents of any multi-family housing facility like shared living spaces, student housing, condos, and apartments in Miami FL with a more convenient way to launder their clothes. Not many people carry coins around these days, but everybody has their phone in their pocket.

With cashless onsite laundry facilities, you will be able to avoid the annoying coin-slide jams, tampering, and other common customer complaints, and building managers will not need to collect, count, and deposit coins at the bank. Digitally based washer and dryer sets can be monitored remotely, so you can see energy and water usage statistics, receive error messages, and track residents’ usage from your home or office.

Appeal to a wider, and more youthful demographic by offering coinless laundry options to your commercial laundry today and save yourself and the building residents time and effort it takes to operate laundry equipment in the process. Coin laundry may be a thing of the past with these convenient onsite laundry facilities available in rentals in Miami Florida.

To find out more about cashless payment options like app or card operated washers/dryers in south or north Miami Florida, Pompano Beach Florida, or Fort Lauderdale Florida, contact Commercial Laundries at (305) 699-3956. We can go over your options and help you select the right new or used commercial laundry equipment  system for your building.


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