Coin-Operated Laundry Machines for Multi-Family Housing Units

Coin-operated Laundry Machines for Multi-Family Housing

Make your property more profitable with coin-operated laundry services for multi-family housing.

Adding a coin-operated commercial laundry facility to your multi-family housing property can be very lucrative.  Reap the benefits of upgrading your current laundry room and increase your tenant satisfaction.  Whatever your situation, know that here at Commercial Laundries Miami, we have all the equipment that you could possibly need.  Coin operated machines are a great direction to go in for their dependability, affordability and familiarity.  Whether you are starting from scratch, or upgrading an existing facility, your tenants will appreciate your attention to their needs.  Here are four reasons to upgrade your multi-housing laundry facility to coin-operated laundry machines.

Dependable and Built to Last

Coin operated laundry machines have been around since the beginning of commercial laundry.  They are the machines that your tenants know and trust.  They are familiar and user friendly.  All of our coin operated machines are tough and reliable with their innovative design and advanced engineering from world famous manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool.

  • Robust metal construction with stainless-steel or porcelain enamel washtubs
  • Advanced suspension that absorbs weight to reduce noise and vibrations
  • Sophisticated agitation system that adjusts water level based on weight
  • Enhanced extraction system that reduces more water and moisture than your traditional models, requiring less drying time

These coin-operated laundry machines are built to stand the test of time and would be a valuable investment for your multi-family housing property.

Commercial Laundry Machine Models

Depending on your preference, we have top-loading and front-loading machines in both side-by-side or stackable models.  If space is an issue for you, you may decide that our front-loading stackable machines are best for you.  With their innovative design, you are able to save half the space or double up on machines. 

All of our coin-operated laundry machines are energy efficient, requiring 50% less water and consuming 30% less energy.  These ecofriendly machines will save you on utility costs and your carbon emission.  Before selecting a machine, consider your demographic and their needs. Contact one of our team members to discuss your options and our ADA compliant equipment that is best suited for the handicapped and disabled.


Coin operated laundry service for your multi-family housing is easy to set up, a more affordable option and just as dependable as their card operated competitors.  Coin-op laundry machines are often cheaper to purchase and fix than card-operated machines.  Whatever your budget is, rest assured, you don’t have to break the bank when you partner with Commercial Laundries Miami. 

Here there are many purchasing and leasing programs to suit your needs.  Many like to purchase machines brand new because they don’t know any better.  That is certainly an option, but not the only one.  Commercial Laundries’ refurbished coin-operated equipment is an excellent solution and guaranteed for your satisfaction and protection.  

Leasing is also a wise choice that can save you on your initial upfront costs and service and maintenance.  When you lease with us you are in the very best care with our customizable plans.  Our tax-deductible leasing program is designed to meet your individual needs.  Additionally, service and maintenance are complementary to help keep your machines running at maximum capacity.


Adding or upgrading coin-operated laundry service for your multi-family housing complex will demonstrate the pride you have in your property and increase your renters’ satisfaction and retention.  Coin-op machines are the familiar option that are easy to operate and that your tenants trust. 

Maintaining your multi-family housing property near maximum capacity will assure a stable income. Not only will your coin-operated laundry service keep your tenants happy, but it will help attract prospect renters to your property, thus increasing your profits.

Let’s face it, your tenants have to do laundry somewhere.  Don’t let the local laundromat take revenue that is so easily yours.  Provide your tenants with a beautiful coin-operated laundry service that they can rely on in your multi-family housing complex.

Coin Operated Machines with Commercial Laundries Miami

Adding or upgrading? Select a commercial laundry equipment provider that you can rely on and trust to lead you in the right direction.  Choose the best machines for your property that meets the specific needs of your tenants.  Here at Commercial Laundries Miami, have all the equipment for your multi-housing property.  Contact our team today at, 855-254-9274!

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