Smart Laundry Card Systems: How it Works

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Smart laundry appliances are becoming increasingly popular among laundry facilities and homeowners. Smart washers and dryers offer your patrons convenience while doing laundry with remote access to control their load via phone or tablet. Many commercial laundry brands have introduced laundry card systems, which comes as an advancement in laundry system technology. With emerging laundry card systems, laundry room owners can say goodbye to counting quarters!

Commercial Laundries Miami is a top commercial laundry supplier, serving South Florida and nearby regions for more than 50 years. Our service technicians are here to help you reap the many benefits self-service commercial laundry rooms provide. Learn how smart laundry card systems can save your facility and patrons time and money.

What is A Smart Laundry Card?

A smart laundry card is a secure electronic system for facility owners who need to eliminate coins and cash from their commercial laundry rooms. Each card contains a small chip that safely stores payment information.

How Does A Smart Card System Work?

Welcome to the digital age of doing laundry. Whether you own a laundromat or apartment building, laundry card systems allow customers to insert a card to use smart washers and dryers hassle-free. A laundry card system works in the following steps:

Step 1: A digital balance is uploaded and stored to a laundry card.

Step 2: To start each commercial laundry machine, the smart card must be inserted into the card reader. A balance will be deducted before each cycle begins.

Step 3: Through a web-based application, all laundry card activities can be monitored by laundry room operators and owners.

Benefits of Contactless Laundry Payment Systems

Offering contactless laundry payments to your patrons can offer a world of convenience and add security and safety to your facility. The benefits are as follows:

Remote Access: From an online database, you can view transactions, adjust pricing, and view patron usage at your laundry facility. This makes your job as a property manager easier.

Accounting Automation: Counting coins is no longer necessary.  To ensure full transparency of your laundry amenity operation, all transactions are automatically and accurately audited.

Accessibility: Providing multiple payment options such as coinless and smart card laundry machines will give residents easier access.  The smart card laundry payment system will provide a convenient payment method for younger generations and increase their satisfaction and usage.

Profitability: Increase revenue by adjusting pricing remotely, upselling wash and dry cycles, and customizing equipment features.

Laundry Equipment Options for Your Laundry Business

You can choose from several washer and dryer options at Commercial Laundries Miami to best suit your demographic and budget requirements. Your patrons deserve a convenient and safe laundry amenity, regardless of whether your operation is multifamily housing, university housing, or a hotel. We have multiple options available to suit your laundry facility’s individual needs, be it mobile app laundry payment systems or smart card laundry machines.

Our inventory includes top laundry equipment brands like Whirlpool, Speed Queen, and Maytag. Getting your upgrade facility up and running is quick and easy with our affordable buying and leasing options.

Local Laundry Solutions with Commercial Laundry Experts

When the time comes to upgrade your laundry app payment system, contact Commercial Laundries. With offices in Tampa, Orlando, and Miami, we are one of the largest family owned and operated laundry providers in the state of Florida.

Our laundry equipment is maintained and operated at more than 1,000 locations in Florida, providin75g a local presence in each market. We continue to research new innovations to better serve our clients’ needs while providing the performance and quality workmanship they’ve come to expect.

Contact Commercial Laundries to setup smart card laundry payments in your laundry facilities today.  Give us a call at, (305) 699-3512 or click here for a free estimate.