Laundry Apps For Multi Housing in Miami

Laundry Apps For Multi Housing in Miami

Bring convenience to your multihousing laundry facility for you and your patrons with a mobile laundry application.

When updating a laundry facility or incorporating a new amenity on your property, choose a laundry equipment payment system that will make your job and the lives of your residents easier.  With our laundry apps for multi housing Miami, you will bring a convenient laundry solution to your property.  A mobile laundry application is easy to use and caulked full of benefits.  It is also simple and inexpensive to install, especially when you already have a commercial laundry facility up and running.  Here at Commercial Laundries, we have affordable quality laundry equipment that you and your customers can depend on.

How Do Laundry Apps Work?

A coinless multihousing laundry system solution is what is missing from your washers and dryers.  Not only is it the wave of the future, but it is user-friendly.  To get started, simply contact us, your local laundry distributor, to find out exactly what your onpremises laundry amenity needs to make the switch.  Once your new payment system is in place, your patrons can make purchases and enjoy the benefits of the mobile laundry application.

Download:  Patrons download the free Laundryvalue app on their smartphones.

Register:  Create an account and load value via credit or debit card.

Start:  Make purchases and pay for laundry by scanning the QR code or entering the machine identification number.

Enjoy: Relax and enjoy an effortless laundry experience.

What are the Benefits of a Mobile Laundry App?

Mobile laundry payment systems add a world of convenience for both property owners and their customers and add safety and security to laundry amenities.  A coinless laundry system will allow you to operate laundry equipment remotely, saving time and allowing you to delegate your attention to other areas of your apartment building that need it.

Remote Management:  Remotely monitor your laundry facility, track profits and transactions, adjust pricing, and view customer preferences and habits from an online database all from the comfort of your office or home.

Automatic and Dependable Accounting:  With digital transactions, all auditing is automatic and accurate, giving you transparency into your laundry business.  No more collecting and counting of coins, or fixing jammed coin slides, saving time and labor.

Greater Security:  By decreasing or eliminating coins, the threat of theft, counterfeit coins, and vandalism is significantly reduced, giving you a more secure amenity for your patrons and apartment building.

Boost Customer Satisfaction and Profits:  Your patrons will love their updated laundry room and your attention to their needs leading to greater satisfaction and an increase in revenue and potential residents.  An efficient washer and dryer laundry system will grant you customer loyalty and keep your customers from giving patronage to local dry cleaners or laundromats near your Miami apartment premise laundry.

Convenient Laundry App Features:  The laundryvalue app allows your residents to conveniently pay for their laundry purchases and track its progress all from their smartphones.  They can even use it to find available machines before setting foot in your laundry facility.

How to Covert Your Commercial Laundry Equipment to a Laundry Application System?

The greatest thing about a laundry app for multi housing Miami is that they are easy to use and inexpensive to incorporate.  In fact, many machines can be retrofitted with a cashless system, saving you a ton in upfront costs and upgrades.  Convert your card laundry or coin laundry washers and dryers quickly and affordably with our professional team at Commercial Laundries.

Where to Get Efficient and Affordable Smart Laundry?

Here we have an array of machine options to choose from that are produced by our world renowned manufacturers, Maytag, Whirlpool, and Speed Queen.  Choose from our traditional top load washer and dryer units or our energy efficient top load washer and dryer systems.  With our stack dryers and washers, you can save on floor space and maximize capacity.  With our card laundry and coin laundry machines, you can continue to cater to your residents preferences and add a mobile payment system to meet everyone’s needs.  Our experience in the laundry service in Miami extends from multihousing premise laundry, mobile home parks, college laundry solutions, to hotels.  Buy new machines or save big with our equipment leasing program equipment for your multihousing property and new laundry solution.

Keep your residents from going to a different laundry service in Miami by providing them with a convenient and efficient onpremises laundry amenity.  Give us a call today at, (855)254-9274 to get started.