Commercial Laundry Equipment Features to Watch for in 2023

commercial laundry equipment 2023

Laundry is our main game, and we get excited when we think about all the commercial laundry equipment features to come with the New Year! Keep reading to find out what’s in store for the laundry world in 2023.

A New Year with New Laundry Features

We’ve come a long way from washboards and the mangle, modern laundry machines are a breeze to operate in comparison to machines of yesteryear. Doing your laundry is no longer an all-day event that requires back-breaking labor, instead, it’s simple to stuff your things into the washer and go back to doing something more enjoyable. You might think it tough to improve on modern washing machines, but wait until you hear about the neat features of smart laundry machines. That’s right, all your laundry appliances are going digital! All of the conveniences of using your smartphone can now be applied to doing your laundry.

6 Commercial Laundry Equipment Features to Look For

You might think it’s silly for a washer and dryer to have smart touch features and WIFI but check out this list below, smart technology is incredibly helpful to those needing to own and use commercial laundry equipment.

  1. Smart payment systems. Say goodbye to rolling coins and theft, modern laundry technology means cashless transactions. Users can load payment onto cards, similar to a debit or credit card, and then swipe or tap that card onto the smart screen of the machine. No more worrying about finding quarters, the card can be reloaded easily via smartphone, where users can also see the balance on the card.
  2. Smart appliance features. Having smart machines on a wifi network means that users can be notified when their load is finished washing or drying, it also allows users to see if there are machines free to use without lugging their laundry down to the laundry room first. Smart appliances also allow someone to start or stop the laundry cycle remotely, and also set temperature and cycle preferences for that individual.
  3. Reduced energy consumption. Modern smart machines not only use fewer resources, but they also allow you to track energy usage online. This helps determine your pricing, and also when peak consumption hours happen.
  4. Reduced water consumption. The modern spin cycle on smart machines uses less water, and less electricity in the dryer.
  5. Increased patronage. The sleek and attractive, easy-to-use features of smart machines make laundry day easier and more enjoyable for those using them.
  6. Diagnostic real-time alerts if there is a problem. Not only will smart appliances tell you exactly what the issue is, but they’ll also tell you how to fix the problem, making maintenance easy.

At Commercial Laundry we can also convert any conventional laundry equipment into smart machines, meaning you don’t have to purchase a new machine if yours are newer and operating well. Contact our sales team to find out more about converting existing machines, or to learn about the tried-and-tested brands we carry like Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool.

Make Sure You Equipment Has All the Best and Brightest Features with Help from Commercial Laundries

With 50 years of experience and serving over 1000 locations throughout the state, we are the laundry experts of Florida! We are proud to provide Floridians with the best and latest technology in commercial laundry equipment. Our 15,000-square-foot warehouse is fully stocked with a wide selection of new and refurbished laundry equipment, providing you with an abundance of choices. Choosing smart machines literally takes the work of maintaining a pay system out of your hands, and makes it easier for your clients or tenants to access the facilities. No more scavenging for quarters, no more forgetting to switch laundry to the dryer, and no more waiting for a machine to be free in the laundry room. Allow our dedicated and able staff to help guide you through the process of converting existing machines, or choosing the new smart appliances that best suit your needs. Our technicians are experts in the field of installation and repair, and we offer same-day or next-day repairs as we understand a broken machine is a loss of your revenue. Your satisfaction is important to us! We’re standing by to answer your questions, give us a call today at 305-699-2957. or fill out our form to receive a free estimate.


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