Best Commercial Washers and Dryers for Multi-Family Housing

How to find the best commercial washers and dryers for multi-family housing.

best commercial washers and dryers

When deciding on washers and dryers for multi-family housing, choose dependability, efficiency, and innovation from reputable manufacturers.

For your multi-family housing development, your residents want a laundry system they can rely on. One that offers a bit of convenience and delivers a clean laundry result. With the many washers and dryers on the market, it helps to have a wider perspective from the professionals. 

We have outlined three manufacturers with the best commercial washers and dryers for multi-family housing and their key features your tenants would like to see in their laundry amenity.

Multi-Family Housing Washers and Dryers You Can Rely On

Maytag, Whirlpool, and Speed Queen are three of our top choice companies with over three centuries worth of combined experience building dependable equipment for private and commercial sectors. Proudly designed and manufactured in the United States, their robustly constructed equipment has earned the companies impeccable reputations.


Maytag has invested much of their time and effort into research and development to improve their laundry products for consumers. Known for its vigorous high-speed performance and gentleness on garments, the company’s multi-family housing washers and dryers will help boost your laundry facility potential with their superior cleaning capabilities.

· Maytag washers allow for adjustments on temperature, the number of rinse cycles, and water levels to approach any soil level for a customizable laundry experience.

· PowerWash cycle lifts deep-set in dirt out of fabric to tackle tough stains.

· FreshHold cycle expresses a constant stream of air to keep laundry fresh and free of odors after each wash cycle.

· ExtraPower cycle is a unique option that starts with a 10-minute douse of cold water to prevent stains from soaking in, followed by a warm wash to remove the remaining grime.

· Smart remote application allows users to receive notifications and troubleshoot messages on laundry cycles and machines.

· Advanced sensing detects moisture and helps laundry dry thoroughly.


Whirlpool is among one of the most well-known and respected producers in the world. Innovators in the field, their thoughtful configuration and structure make their washers and dryers user and ecofriendly. As developers of some of the first sustainable washers, their innovation has led to the energy-efficient products we see all around us. The company’s dependable laundry performance has made it one of the most beloved manufacturers among consumers.

· Prewash cycle helps prevent dirt and stains from settling into the fabric.

· Front and top load washers are energy-efficient and cost-effective, leading to significant savings on utility costs.

· Intuitive Touch Controls and Active Bloom senses detect load sizes and weight to adjust water levels for the perfect cycle configuration.

· FanFresh Option circulates air through the wash drum and tumbles laundry to keep it fresh and musk-free.

· Sanitize cycle increases water temperature to eliminate 99.99 percent of bacteria and germs.

· Stainless steel washtubs, advanced suspension systems, and high-speed RPMs make machines more durable and sustainable.

Speed Queen

Speed Queen’s advanced technology and innovative features have continued to impress us for decades. Their revolutionary features and quantum control system has made them a crowd favorite in the commercial laundry world.

· Through Speed Queen’s Quantum control technology, laundry facility managers and tenants can have remote access to machines and laundry.

·    Laundry smartphone application makes it easier for patrons to pay for their laundry usage and receive alerts and notifications regarding their laundry progress and completion. 

· Speed Queen Reward plan allows managers to offer promotions and discounts for usage leading to customer loyalty and increased profits.

· Speed Queen’s Wash Alert informs tenants of available machines in their laundry amenity to reduce wait time and contact.

· Large capacity stainless-steel washtubs make laundry effortless, and their advanced suspension absorbs vibrations, resulting in a quieter laundry experience.

Here at Commercial Laundries, you will have access to these multi-family housing washers and dryers, all our dependable services, and so much more to help run your facility efficiently. Our competitively-priced new and used commercial laundry equipment is available to buy or lease.

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