Why Smart Laundry is the new laundry?

January 27, 2022 | Categories: Smart Laundry

Why Smart Laundry is the new laundry

Convert your current facility to a smart laundry amenity and transform your residents’ laundry experience.

Smart washing machines are the future, and the future is now.  Updating your laundry amenity to a Wi-Fi washer and dryer system is a wise way to boost your business and keep your residents satisfied.  It’s also a simple way to make your job easier.  Don’t overlook the many conveniences that smart laundry would offer to both you and your residents.  Who doesn’t want to have a washer and dryer that text you when a cycle is complete?  And as a property owner, you will appreciate the newfound clarity you will have in your laundry business and your insights into how to make it even more successful.  Smart laundry is the new laundry and you and your business should get on board.

Modern Smart Washing Machines

Take your laundry facility out of the past and upgrade your equipment and your management style with modern smart washing machines and dryers.  A smart system will help you up to your game in the commercial laundry sector and boost your customers’ satisfaction.  It will also revamp your amenity making it more attractive to potential tenants and clients.  The best part about investing in a contemporary Wi-Fi washer and dryer system is how much easier it will make your job and the lives of your residents.

Convenient Features and Controls

For Property Owners

  • TRANSPARENCY:  Smart Laundry gives owners and managers transparency into their laundry business with real-time reports.  With automatic accounting, profits are readily available with digital transactions.  Through the online database, you can also view your residents’ preferences and user habits, handy for offering rewards and discounts to boost customer loyalty.
  • PRICE CONTROL:  Easily adjust pricing to accommodate operational costs.
  • INCREASED SAFETY:  With the reduction or elimination of cash and coins on-site, security will automatically increase with your cashless laundry payment options.
  • MACHINE ALERTS:  Smart laundry gives you a washer and dryer that text you when a machine is having an issue, allowing you to tackle the problem before many owners would even be aware there is one.
  • BOOST PROFITS:  With a new and improved laundry amenity you will retain your current customers and attract new residents to your property.

For Residents

  • EASY PAYMENT OPTION:  Smartcard or mobile phone payments are quick and easy for today’s consumers and are often a preferred method of payment.
  • SECURE LAUNDRY AMENITY:  A secure laundry amenity makes doing laundry safer for your residents giving them a greater sense of security.
  • APP CONNECTION:  The Laundryvalue app allows residents to connect to their laundry giving them the ability to view remaining laundry time and find available machines.  Having a washer and dryer that text you when your laundry is completed will free up time to do other things while waiting for your laundry.
  • USER-FRIENDLY:  Smart washing machines are easy to operate and walk users through each step, eliminating frustration or hesitation with new equipment.

Convert Your Current Facility to a Smart Laundry Amenity

Converting your laundry facility to a smart amenity is made easy with the help of Commercial Laundries.  Here, our knowledgeable team and skilled technicians will determine what you need to upgrade your equipment and walk you through the process.  With the addition of smartcard readers and or a smart system adapter, your machines will be able to take card and mobile payments in no time.  The best part about updating your machines is that it is inexpensive. Set up an affordable smart laundry system for you and your residents today. Give Commercial Laundries a call today at, (855) 254-9274 to get a wi-fi washer and dryer system for your laundry facility.

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