Setting Up the Best Laundry Payment System for Your Laundry Facility

Best Laundry Payment System for Your Laundry Facility

Having the right payment method for your property and your residents’ needs could greatly impact your number of patrons and your profits.  Get help from professionals in choosing the best laundry payment system for your property.

Do you currently have a laundry facility that is not doing so well?  Or are you looking for advice for a new laundry business investment?  Analyze your demographic and the individuals that would benefit from an onsite laundry amenity and offer the best laundry payment system to satisfy your residents and their preferences.  Additionally, you should take into consideration the type of business you would like to run, be it cashless or coin-operated.  Is contactless payment for laundry rooms the most beneficial to you and your residents?  Read on to find out.

What is the Best Laundry Payment System for Your Property and Residents?

What does your current situation look like?  What would make your laundry amenity high-traffic and profitable?  Coin-operated laundry machines have been around a long time and are familiar to longtime customers.  It is straightforward and traditional.  However, commercial laundry payment apps are gaining in popularity and are often a preferred method of payment nowadays.  More user-friendly and accepted than ever before, this contactless payment for laundry rooms is beneficial to both users and property owners, and managers.

Who Will Benefit from Contactless Payment for Laundry Rooms?

Residents:  You want to make your residents’ laundry experiences as hassle-free as possible.  Your residents will not always have coins or cash on hand, but one thing they never leave home without is their smartphone.  With a commercial laundry payment app, your patrons can manage their laundry account, add funds, and pay for their laundry purchases all through their phones.  Moreover, they can even track their laundry progress, remaining time, and find available machines, all from outside the laundry room, giving them more freedom on laundry day.

Property Owners:  With contactless payment systems popping up all around us, card or mobile payments are more welcomed and preferred.  Keep up with the competition by incorporating contactless payment methods.  As a property owner, you will also benefit from the features and advantages of digital payments.  Quickly and easily track your profits, manage your laundry facility, observe your resident’s laundry preferences, offer discounts and rewards, and adjust pricing, all from your office or home.  This transparency into your laundry business will give you peace of mind and clarity into the success of your facility.

How do Contactless Laundry Facilities Work?

Laundry payment apps are easy to use and quickly accepted by patrons.  To access machines, residents simply download the laundry app, create an account, and scan the machine they wish to use with their smartphone.  No coins or laundry loyalty cards are necessary.  

How to Convert My Machines to a Commercial Laundry Payment App?

The great thing about a laundry payment app is that you don’t have to buy new machines to gain immediate benefits.  Many machines can be fitted with the contactless system, so no new purchases are necessary.  With the installation by a professional, each machine will receive a QR code for your residents to scan and your contactless laundry payment system will be up and running just like that.

Find a Commercial Laundry Supplier That Has the Best Solutions for Your Property.

Get the best laundry payment system for your property when you team up with a professional commercial laundry distributor.  Here at Commercial Laundries, we have the expertise to help choose the right system for your property type and your residents.  With just a few simple questions and answers, we will get you set on the path to success.

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