Where to Sell Used Commercial Laundry Equipment in Miami

June 17, 2022 | Categories: Used Commercial Laundry Equipment

Where to Sell Used Commercial Laundry Equipment in Miami

Miami is a city full of business-minded people who own and operate laundry facilities of all types. Whether it is a commercial laundry business, a property management company, a laundry facility in an apartment building, or a few washers and dryers inside a care home, there comes a point in time when you may want to sell your old laundry equipment and purchase new industrial laundry machines. Laundry accessories like coin slides, bill changers, laundry scales, laundry carts, and piece folders are all items that field consistent wear and tear, but when it comes to washers and dryers, a replacement can become costly and burdensome.

If you are a laundromat owner, run an apartment building laundry room, or run places like laundry facilities at mobile home parks, rentals with on-premise laundry machines, or public laundry facilities at multi-housing complexes, and are thinking of upgrading or are tired of your used laundry equipment constantly needing servicing and repairs, you may wish to sell used commercial laundry equipment.

Single dryers and washing machines, commercial dryers, coin-or card-operated machines as well as stacked washer-dryer sets, are worth a lot of money, even used. You do not want them to end up in the landfill when you can make some cash to put toward your upgrade or your next business endeavor. It can be difficult to know the protocol for offloading commercial laundry equipment, but at Commercial Laundries, we can purchase your old commercial washing machines and dryers, and then sign a lease and install new washers and dryers on your property.

At Commercial Laundries, we can help you if you want to sell your equipment in Miami Florida and the surrounding area. We offer consistent service that includes buying your used commercial laundry machines, as well as helping you through our customized programs that allow us to become your equipment manager and facility management partner.

If you sign up with this program, you can relax as we take over the commercial laundry maintenance and management, while, through our superior service, theft deterrence, and customer retention, you continue to make the same income without the hassle of management and maintenance responsibilities. This hands-off approach to management is appealing to many busy business owners as we:

  • Guarantee all laundry machines receive professional commercial washer and dryers maintenance plans and repair to ensure longevity, extending the life of the machines, keeping them in top condition
  • Take responsibility for any coin operated laundry issues, customer complaints, and other problems like coin laundry jams, graffiti, tampering, and equipment that isn’t running properly
  • Are a family business that has been serving Florida residents for over 50 years in the laundry industry
  • Have techs and repair people who are on the leading edge of all repair protocols. We invest in our team members, providing them with the education, certification and training they need to stay on top of the most recent commercial laundry machine technologies and upgrades, keeping you and your customers satisfied, along with the over 1000 other businesses throughout Florida we serve
  • Have an excellent reputation for establishing long-term relationships with all clients, helping businesses thrive, and keeping residents and customers happy with their laundry-related services and equipment

Upgrading your machines will provide you with a more cost-effective, user-friendly profit-generating experience. If you are looking to upgrade your machines and gain the freedom you need to focus on the other important tasks and business opportunities in your life as we take care of your laundry facility, contact Commercial Laundries Miami today.

We have trusted brands like Speed Queen, Maytag, Miele, and Whirlpool, including card and coin operated laundry equipment like:

  • Commercial rear control single dryers
  • Commercial front control front load washer
  • Commercial stack washer and dryer
  • Commercial top-load washer
  • Coin Slide top load washer
  • Coin operated single load dryer
  • Coin slide stack dryers

Our leasing program for laundry equipment will help you get the best and newest equipment now, and our service team will keep it running smoothly for years to come. We are standing by to speak to you about purchasing your old commercial laundry equipment now. Learn more about our all-inclusive, yearly management contracts by calling 305-699-3970 today.


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