Ready to Get Rid of Old Coin Laundry Equipment? See How You Can Sell It

Ready to Get Rid of Old Coin Laundry Equipment See How You Can Sell It - Commercial Laundries

Make your old machines work for you when you replace your outdated commercial washers and dryers with Commercial Laundries. Find out how you can get rid of old coin laundry equipment, not only without a headache, but also get money back.

Your rundown machines don’t have to keep burning a hole in your pocket.  Between servicing and repairs, your machines may be costing you more than they are earning you.  Let them help you earn cashback so you can replace them with new shiny equipment without the headaches.

If you are looking to get rid of old coin laundry equipment but can’t part with the idea of how much you have already invested in your laundry facility, we can tell you how you can make money off your outdated equipment and get affordable updated washers and dryers.  Sell used coin laundry equipment and reap all the benefits with Commercial Laundries.

Get Rid of Old Coin Laundry Equipment

Looking to get rid of old coin laundry equipment and replace it with something better?  First off, with removal and dumping fees, it will often cost you a pretty penny to discard of such large items.  It’s hard to imagine spending any more money on equipment that is no longer serving you, but rest assured, we have got a better solution for you.  Here at Commercial Laundries, we will take your old equipment off your hands, free of charge when you sell us your used washers and dryers and choose new equipment from our budget-friendly, purchasing and leasing options.

Sell Used Coin Laundry Equipment

Earn some of your investment back when you sell your commercial washers and dryers.  This is a great, sustainable option as opposed to throwing them in a landfill, and they can help you get the updated machines you want for your property.  Unload and replace outdated commercial washers and dryers with us at Commercial Laundries and get top dollar back to put into your new fleet of affordable machines.

Replace Outdated Commercial Washers and Dryers

Selling your old machines will help you offset the cost of new equipment and help get your facility back up and running at full capacity.  With newer machines and updated technology, you will attract your residents back into your laundry amenity and give them the functional and efficient equipment they desire.  Choose new coin-operated washers and dryers or technologically advanced card-operated machines.  You may even want to take your updated facility one step further with our mobile laundry payment application.  Whatever direction you decide to go in, you will automatically boost resident satisfaction and attract new tenants with your updated amenity.

Lease Your New Fleet of Washers and Dryers for All the Benefits

Your outdated machines had a good run, but maybe you are looking for something a little less high maintenance and a little more hassle-free.  When you lease your commercial laundry equipment with us, you will get brand new machines from top-quality manufactures, with little to no upfront costs.  Even better, you won’t have to worry about pesky servicing or costly repairs, as you will receive free service and maintenance for the lifetime of your lease. Replace outdated commercial washers and dryers with us at Commercial Laundries, and save yourself the headache of owning, repairing, and removing your machines down the line.  With our budget-friendly commercial laundry lease program, you will have little to worry about and a lot to celebrate.

For more information on how to make money and sell used coin laundry equipment for new, updated equipment without the headache of owning it, give us a call at, (855) 254-9274.