The Future of Laundry: What to Expect from a Modern Washer or Dryer

Modern Washer or Dryer

Increasingly Smart and Digital

Investing in new laundry equipment involves a good deal of decision-making. What are the best washers and dryers? Which ones have the best warranties? Which ones do customers prefer? The future of laundry is looking increasingly smart and digital. Customers visiting multi-housing laundry facilities expect to encounter smart washers and dryers loaded with modern functionality.

As a laundry facility owner or manager, you’ll find that many of the traditionally most respected laundry machine brands are producing a wide range of smart washers and dryers that deliver the convenience your customers look for and the durability that facility owners need.

When shopping for laundry equipment to purchase or lease in Miami, you’ll want to learn about what today’s best washers and dryers can do.

Laundry: An Evolving Chore

The future of laundry has already arrived in Miami in the form of smart washers and dryers with digital functionality and loads of impressive features. While basic washing machines get the job done, they are fast becoming the dinosaurs of the laundry industry as new waves of washers and dryers offer connectivity, onboard analytics, and user-friendly features like smart payment and customizable wash/dry cycles.

If you operate a facility that has coin-operated washers and dryers without smart features, you may want to begin to plan for an eventual upgrade. More and more, customers look for smart laundry equipment that alerts them when their wash is done or allows them to pay easily online. To stay competitive, your Miami facility should provide the functionality that users expect from modern washers and dryers.

How your facility evolves is up to you. Some are choosing to lease modern laundry equipment as both an affordable and convenient option. Leasing equipment means that if something goes wrong and a repair or replacement is needed, we, the vendor, take care of it. Other facilities are upgrading their equipment incrementally. Each month or every few months, they opt to phase out a couple of older machines and replace them with smart washers or dryers.

On the other hand, some businesses want to transform their laundry facility to reflect the future of laundry today–and they’re investing in the latest and greatest washers and dryers like Speed Queens and Maytag equipment. Before you decide what is right for your laundry facility, be sure to learn more about modern washers and dryers and the features they may include. Their built-in functionality and connective platforms won’t only impress and attract customers; they’ll even support your business’s bottom line.

7 Features to Expect from a Modern Washer or Dryer

When you go shopping for commercial washer and dryers in Miami, here are some features to look for in today’s best modern options:

Smart Functions

Smart washers and dryers offer you and your customers terrific connectivity. This digital connectivity supports various functions. For example, washers and dryers with smart capabilities can alert customers when their wash is done. Laundry facility managers can access each machine via an online app so they can see how much the machine is earning in revenue as well as other important specifications like how much energy or water it’s consuming.

Smart Payments

Smart washing machines and dryers are ideal for convenient payments. Customers no longer have to carry coins to your facility when they want to do laundry. Customers make their payments using a smart card or their laundry app. Facility owners can collect these payments in real-time–no coin counting necessary!

Energy-Efficient Function

Modern washers and dryers are designed to operate with energy efficiency. Major manufacturers like Maytag and Speed Queen understand how important Energy Star ratings are to customers. As a laundry facility owner, energy-efficient laundry equipment saves you money with every single load that’s washed or dried.

Size Options

Depending on the square footage of your laundry center, the size of your washers and dryers might be an important factor to consider. Manufacturers produce laundry machines in various designs and sizes, but still, load them up with the modern features you want. You can expect to find smart energy-efficient large-capacity units as well as compact stackables that have many of the same smart features.

Custom Wash and Drying Features

Customers love to have choices when it comes to their laundry. With modern washers and dryers, your customers can choose to wash their clothes in short cycles. They can choose soil levels and even make changes to their cycles via their smartphone.


Smart dryers may feature moisture detectors so they ‘know’ when clothing is dried or not. Both washers and dryers can send customers alerts when their cycle is complete. Customers can even track the progress of each cycle so they don’t have to sit and wait for their laundry to be completed. Convenient payments, of course, mean that there’s no need to deposit coins. Customers can easily transfer funds to the smart laundry card or app as needed.

Remote Diagnostics

Another great feature of today’s modern laundry equipment is that these machines often feature smart diagnostics systems. They can alert you to precisely what’s wrong when a problem arises. Repair technicians can also access these diagnostics so that they can arrive with the needed part without having to visit your facility first to troubleshoot the unit. When repairs are prompt, the unit can get back to work–and earn money–more quickly.

Embrace the Future of Laundry, Call Commercial Laundries to Upgrade Your Equipment Today

Commercial Laundries Inc. features a wide selection of washers and dryers in Miami, FL. One of the first decisions businesses make when considering laundry machine upgrades is whether to purchase laundry machines or lease them. We offer washers or dryers for purchase as well as for lease, so our goal is to help our customers choose the best solution for their needs and budget. Purchasing washers and dryers for one’s facility means that buyers own them outright; there is no monthly leasing expense.

Whether you purchase or lease, you can rely on Commercial Laundries for our service agreements. We feature highly trained and experienced technicians who provide prompt service for our Miami customers. After making the decision to lease or buy laundry equipment, the next step is to choose washers and dryers that embody the future of your facility. We offer a wide array of machines that have the modern functionality that people expect from today’s best models.

Not sure what to choose? Contact Commercial Laundries today and let us help you learn more about specific brands and their models. We can help you select washers and dryers that will enhance your business, fulfilling your customers’ needs and supporting the profitability of your operation. Get a FREE quote today.

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