Commercial Speed Queen Washers and Dryers for Apartment Complexes

Commercial Speed Queen Washers and Dryers for Apartment Complexes

Facility managers routinely choose Speed Queen equipment for their multi housing apartment buildings, mobile home parks, hotels, motels, or other in-laundry facilities. Speed Queen is an efficient and durable brand, associated with lower maintenance costs compared to other commercial washers and dryers. Customers and renters also prefer Speed Queen because they’re easy to use with their various payment options and cycle options. If you’re in the market to purchase new commercial washers and dryers for your apartment complex, multifamily, or laundry facility, consider the benefits of Speed Queen below:

Speed Queen Variety

Speed Queen washer extractors and dryers come in different types, allowing apartment complex managers or property owners to choose the ideal models for their commercial laundry facility. Choose between front load washers, top load washers, stack washers and dryers, single dryers, and more. The latest Speed Queen model features touch screen accessibility with multiple options. Whether you are choosing models with coin slides or mobile payment systems, managers can outfit their laundry rooms with the best Speed Queen laundry system for their needs.

Efficient Operation

Some Speed Queen washers and dryers can save commercial laundry facilities thousands of gallons of water each year. That in turn, translates to a more profitable facility. The fact is utility costs can eat into a laundry facility’s profit margin. So, with Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment, you’re improving energy efficiency and lower utility cost.

Customer-Friendly Speed Queen Washer and Dryers

Attract and retain customers with easy-to-operate coin operated washers and dryers. Speed Queen laundry machines come loaded with options like multiple laundry payment options, multiple cycle options, and convenient touch screen controls. Moreover, they do an excellent laundering job without damaging clothing or other laundered materials.

Reliable and Durable

Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment, whether stacked washer/dryer combos or other models, is known for its durability. Speed Queen owners make fewer repair calls and pay less for laundry equipment maintenance. Use Speed Queen insights, Quantum gold controls, or BC technologies to help you calculate your cost savings and usage over time. With improved reliability, owners can improve their profits to help pay for their laundry room leases or expanded laundromat projects. Speed Queen models are typically designed to last 25 years or more. Get more for your money when you invest in Speed Queen front load washers and dryers or a commercial stack set.

If you’re ready to outfit your multifamily laundry facility with laundry products like poly trucks, laundry scales, laundry cart models, stack washer and dryers, commercial dryers, stack dryers, or coin laundry models, then explore Speed Queen Laundries Inc. for the commercial washer and dryer sets you want to improve your facility and increase your laundry facility profits. With Speed Queen washers and dryers for multifamily commercial properties, you can enjoy all the benefits outlined in this article, as well as robust Speed Queen housing washers and dryer warranties.