Signs Your Commercial Laundry Machine Needs Maintenance

March 16, 2022 | Categories: Commercial Laundry Maintenance & Repair , Orlando

Signs Your Commercial Laundry Machine Needs Maintenance

When operating a laundry facility, your business will rely heavily on regular maintenance to maintain the longevity of your commercial machines. Like taking care of a motor vehicle, preventive measures ensure peak performance of your commercial washers and dryers throughout the year. However, unexpected issues can still arise over time.

As a top choice for commercial laundry repair service Orlando, Commercial Laundries provides customers with unmatched, speedy service. We are a family-owned business operating throughout the state of Florida. Over the past several decades, we have worked to build a solid team of trustworthy, dependable technicians whose skills are among the best in the industry.

You’ve found the right team for commercial laundry repair near you. The Commercial Laundries tech team services pre-owned and new commercial laundry equipment. Whether your dryer stops heating up or your washing machine stops spinning, these are signs you need maintenance service right away.

Commercial Washing Machine Repair Warning Signs

Your Spin Cycle Isn’t Spinning: This is one of the most common signs your washing machine needs a commercial laundry repair service. Our highly-skilled technicians are equipped to troubleshoot and repair damage to sensors, belts, switches, and more. As part of our service in Orlando, all service vehicles are stocked with the necessary parts for a speedy and quality repair.

Your Washer Drum Filled with Water: Following a wash and rinse cycle, your commercial washer should automatically drain the water from the drum. Standing water in washing machines is a clear indicator that maintenance is needed right away. This signals potential blockage or damage to a pump that prevents water from leaving the drum.

Your Washing Machine Makes Loud Noises: If loud noises are persistent with each wash cycle, it is time to give our professional team a call. Our service technicians will know how to find and fix the issue.

Signs Your Commercial Dryer Needs Maintenance

Increased Drying Times: Noticing that your clothes are not as dry as they should be could be a sign of a problem. Commercial dryers rely on fresh air circulation that is drawn in from an outside vent. The air is then heated throughout the drum, taking in the moisture of the clothes. Start with basic troubleshooting like checking machine settings and cleaning your filter. If the issue persists, request a commercial laundry repair service.

Your Dryer Has a Burning Smell: For the safety of your patrons, don’t overlook a burning smell coming from your commercial dryer machine. Your Orlando laundry facility could be at risk for a potential fire. As dryer vent repair specialists, we are well-versed in identifying problems and resolving them quickly, saving you money, preventing fires, and ensuring optimal operation of your equipment.

Commercial Laundry Equipment Service Team Orlando

Having coin-op or card operated laundry equipment that doesn’t work means money can’t be made. We understand how important it is for your machines to be up and running. With our commercial laundry repair service Orlando, your facility will experience minimal downtime. We are committed to providing quality service through the following:

Fully Equipped Service Vehicles: All technicians arrive for service jobs in fully stocked commercial washer and dryer service vehicles. This means all parts are readily available for coin and card operated laundry machines.

Speedy Response Times: Commercial Laundries Orlando offers same day or next business day repair and maintenance services.

Trained Technicians: We take pride in employing technicians who are trustworthy and dependable. Our goal is to ensure your work is being performed by skilled, responsible, and capable specialists who strive to always provide satisfactory results.

Call Commercial Laundries for Laundry Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Let Commercial Laundries Orlando be your first call every time you are in need of service or maintenance on your commercial washers and dryers. Call us at (407) 986-1410 or submit a request for service here.

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