Commercial Laundry Systems Orlando

Transform your business instantly with commercial laundry systems in Orlando

Commercial Laundry Systems OrlandoMany Orlando-based business and property owners are searching for ways to upgrade their properties and improve their business revenue. One way to easily and affordably do this is by offering commercial laundry systems in a multi-housing rental structure or rental property. Commercial laundry systems in Orlando come in a wide variety of makes and models and options can be paired to a client’s property needs and budget. Today, many tenants expect to have access to a laundry area onsite. In fact, surveys from The National Multi-Housing Council state that having an accessible laundry solution lands in the top three of desired amenities of renters. While perceived cost may have been a deterrent to adding commercial laundry systems to your structure in the past, Commercial Laundries offers numerous options that make this addition to your property extremely affordable.

For property and business owners in Orlando, Florida, Commercial Laundries offers both new and used commercial laundry systems for lease or purchase. Every washer and dryer available to our clients is manufactured by the leading brands in the laundry industry, such as Whirlpool, Maytag and Speed Queen. For clients who are curious about our used machine options, keep in mind that every machine has been thoroughly tested and inspected by our certified, full-time technicians who ensure each washer and dryer is in top working order. In addition, every new and used laundry option comes with a solid warranty.

Our popular leasing program offers property and business owners the ability to offer this top amenity to their tenants without footing the entire cost at one time. Leasing programs are customized to your needs, budget, your available space, how many washers and dryers you will be implementing, and also how much additional revenue you are hoping to generate. Our seasoned and trusted team representatives can help you decide which makes and models would work best for your requirements and can help you structure your lease agreement. As a courtesy to all of our lease clients, every piece of equipment is continually serviced and maintained at no extra cost to ensure everything is operating at optimal levels.

When it comes time to select your commercial laundry systems, you will have the option to choose from stackable, top loading and front-loading equipment. Here is a quick overview regarding each of these laundry systems:

  • Stackable washers and dryers are ideal for properties short on space. Taking up about half the floor space of traditional equipment, they are known for their durability and efficiency.
  • Top loading washers and dryers are the most traditionally known and used when it comes to laundry systems. They are heavy-duty, able to handle continuous large loads of laundry and are long-lasting.
  • Front loaders are manufactured with the latest in technology and are considered the most efficient in terms of energy, water, electric and detergent. These are ideal laundry options for tenants with mobility issues, as they are considered ADA compliant. They are also a great option if your property houses tenants who are environmentally conscious.

Both our purchase and lease program options offer their own distinctive benefits and price points. Let us help you customize your commercial laundry system in Orlando and make your onsite laundry area as distinctive as your property.

Call Commercial Laundries today at 1-855-254-WASH and learn more about our commercial laundry systems in Orlando, Florida and how you can lease or purchase equipment today!