Commercial Coin Operated Laundry Equipment – Don’t Settle for Second Rate Service!

September 29, 2017 | Categories: Coin-Operated Washing Machines

coin operated laundry equipmentFind name brand coin operated laundry equipment today at Commercial Laundries.

There is nothing better to bring you peace of mind, than having a trusted partner that can provide your laundry business with the best resources and services. Commercial Laundries is that trusted partner that you can depend on for all your commercial laundry facility needs. We are an industry leader throughout the State of Florida and we serve a vast amount of commercial laundry facilities. We carry top tier commercial washers and dryers, and also provide a variety of services to help make your laundry facility operate efficiently and cost-effectively. We are experts at what we do and we take our partnership with you seriously. Our aim is to help you operate a successful and lucrative commercial laundry facility by providing you with durable and dependable products and essential services.

Are Commercial Washers and Dryers Right For You?

If you are planning to build a new laundry facility at your multi-housing property and need some good advice, we can analyze your space and suggest the best way to set-up your facility. We can also explain the differences in coin operated laundry equipment models and what type of machines would best serve your business needs and goals. Having the best coin operated laundry equipment is crucial to operating a successful commercial laundry facility. Your tenants will be pleased with the addition of a new laundry facility, and the quality and performance of your machines. As a leading rental amenity, on-site laundry facilities help to retain tenants and also attract new ones. Plus you will be upgrading your property, increasing its market value, and enjoying the added benefit of a lucrative revenue stream to increase company profits.

When you partner with us you can opt to receive a free Utility Assessment Report performed by one of our technicians. The technician will inspect your facility to determine if there are any problems that may be causing undo stress on your machines that can promote wear and tear on machine parts, and also reduce performance levels. Faulty technical or mechanical issues can attribute to unnecessary and excessive energy usage and waste that can bleed your profits. Our technician will complete a comprehensive assessment report of your facility and offer suggestions to correct problem areas. It will be your decision that will determine if the problems should be corrected, but please be aware that some problems may be causing a significant increase in utility costs and wastewater from your commercial washing machines.

Maintaining and repairing your commercial washers and dryers helps sustain your equipment and keep it operating at its maximum level of performance. If one of your commercial washing machines becomes clogged, sluggish or just stops working, it will not be a convenient time for you to first look for a reputable, licensed company to fix your equipment. At Commercial Laundries, we employ our own team of insured and experienced mechanics and technicians. Our team receives hands-on training with required continuing education courses so that they are knowledgeable of the rapidly evolving changes in our industry. Our team is more than capable of handling any of your coin operated laundry equipment problems, and we address repair concerns as quickly as possible to keep your facility fully operational. We also maintain a 15,000 square foot warehouse that is stocked with commercial washers and dryers and machine parts, so that we always have readily available the resources that you may need for your laundry facility.

We provide our clients with other services that include: bi-lingual customer service reps, delivery of coin operated laundry equipment, installation, removal of old equipment, regular maintenance visits and repair services. Our commitment to our clients is to help them operate an efficient and cost-effective commercial laundry facility. To learn more about us, and our coin operated laundry equipment, contact Commercial Laundries, Inc. today at: 305-699-3970.

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