Why Laundry on Campus Matters

Why Laundry Campus Matters | CommercialLaundries.com

An updated university laundry facility with many laundry machines will keep students spending more time on campus providing added benefits to the college.

Don’t underestimate the importance of functional, up-to-date laundry facilities on your campus.  Commercial Laundries Miami has the best modern machines for your beautiful campus and students.

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Let’s paint the dreary picture college students see all too often; the abandoned university laundry facility, with grey walls, blinding fluorescent lighting and archaic washers and dryers.  This shouldn’t be the case anymore and it doesn’t have to be, with Commercial Laundries Miami.  Here we have technologically advanced machines for a convenient and modern laundry experience.  Not only will your students appreciate the revamped laundry on campus but so will prospective students that are touring your campus.  Colleges are eager to maintain their libraries, update cafeterias and build state of the art gyms, why should their laundry on campus be any different?  With all the time and money students spend on campus, give them a university laundry facility that matches the rest of your campus.

Student life

University students spend the majority of their time on campus, not just studying, but living their life.  Students that have room and board, even more so.  Between studying and sleeping, students are socializing, going to the library, working out at the gym and, you guessed it, doing their laundry.  Laundry on campus has become the forgotten amenity.  And it shouldn’t be, considering how much time students spend there.  Updating your university laundry is simple and affordable with Commercial Laundries’ innovative equipment.

Campus Laundry is Ready for a Change

When outfitting your university laundry amenities think modern, sleek and functional.  Let’s face it, students aren’t the only ones competing for admittance, colleges are also competing for student’s attendance.  You want to grab their attention with all of the wonderful and attractive services you provide so don’t let your laundry facility be subpar.  Your laundry facility should stand out just as much as your other amenities on campus.  With our world-renowned manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen, Whirlpool and Miele, you have your top choice of beautiful machinery. 

Students today have grown up in a different world than us and are looking for new and improved, the next best thing; and in their busy student lives, convenience is everything.  Take for instance our Speed Queen washers and dryers.  These machines have high-tech efficiency and provide exceptional performance and results, but it doesn’t end there.  With their “effortless laundry” motto, they surly deliver with their innovative design.

Rethink Laundry

In today’s technological world, everyone is connected and engaged through their smartphones, and laundry is no exception.  Upgrade your laundry on campus with Commercial Laundries’ Speed Queen washers and dryers which connects your students through an integrated platform with their Speed Queen application.  This app has a multitude of functions:

  • Allows students to use their smartphones to pay for their washer and dryer usage
  • Notifies students on the availability and status of washers and dryers
  • Alerts students on their laundry’s status, remaining cycle time and when their laundry is complete
  • Provides reward plans towards laundry loads and encourages students to do laundry on campus
  • Permits students to send service messages to the facility when there is an issue with equipment

Benefits of an Updated Laundry System

The advantages of an updated university laundry facility are vast.  Maintain student satisfaction on your campus by giving them the modern, tech-savvy laundry facility they will appreciate.  Attract prospective students with a laundry facility that matches the rest of your wonderful campus.  Don’t overlook the importance of a well-equipped laundry facility. 

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