College Campus Laundry Solutions

College Campus Laundry Solutions (2)If you are currently in the market for college campus laundry solutions, Commercial Laundries has the equipment and model options you need to make the right decision. Over the years, we have worked with numerous college campuses located throughout Florida, bringing their students simple and affordable onsite laundry solutions. For many college students, having a laundry facility is a welcomed amenity, saving them time and money spent on traveling to an outside laundromat. A skilled team member can visit your location and determine the needs of your students, the size of the area you intend to use as a laundry area and your budget. Using this information, he or she will share with you specifics of the types of machines available at Commercial Laundries and describe each machine’s benefits and options. From stackables and top loaders to more environmentally conscious front loaders, we are confident you will find the college campus laundry solutions you are looking for.

Perhaps you already have an onsite college laundry facility that is in need of revamping. Did you know that Commercial Laundries can help you update your laundry area, making it more efficient and able to generate profit? Our team members can even offer you a free Utility Assessment. This assessment can help you get a better idea of where your current facility is falling short in terms of efficiency and energy. This review can also help when determining which options to select in order to make your facility the most energy and water efficient, while also meeting the needs of the college’s students.

When it comes times to begin the selection process for your college campus laundry solutions, keep in mind that the washers and dryers available through Commercial Laundries can be purchased or leased and may be new or used laundry equipment.  In terms of our used machines, each machine is thoroughly inspected by our certified full-time technicians and is only offered to our clients if the equipment is in top working order. In addition, Commercial Laundries only offers top name brands to its clients, such as Whirlpool, Speed Queen and Maytag, as these brands have built strong reputations for being durable, heavy-duty and efficient.

Depending on the type of college, location and student demographics, we have a variety of commercial laundry equipment available. Here are some of our most popular selections:

ADA Compliant Front Loaders. If you are looking to install laundry equipment made with the latest technology and that is easy and simple to use, especially for anyone with mobility issues, than look no further. Front loaders are building a reputation for being extremely efficient, durable and they offer the most cycle options out of any machines available. In addition, they will save you money on water and energy all while earning you a profit.

Smaller Stackables. Perhaps you need to install a commercial laundry facility within a college campus but are short on space. Not a problem with stackables from Commercial Laundries. Most stackable washers and dryers are half the floor space of traditional washers and dryers, yet pack a powerful punch in terms of durability and efficiency. When working with clients who have a smaller area to consider, our knowledgeable team members will help you configure the best layout in order to get the most amount of machines without compromising quality and efficiency.

Traditional Top Loaders.  Tried and true traditional top loading equipment has been a popular college campus laundry solution for decades. There machines are affordable, powerful and can handle large loads of laundry.

Let us help you choose the best commercial laundry equipment for your college campus needs. With multiple payment and makes/models options, installing an onsite laundry facility is easier and quicker than you may think.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990. We look forward to finding you the ideal college campus laundry solutions to meet the needs of both you and your students!