Doral Commercial Laundry Equipment Suppliers

Doral Commercial Laundry Equipment Suppliers

For quality equipment and superior services, partner with the best commercial laundry suppliers in Doral, Commercial Laundries.

Commercial Laundries has been working in the Florida laundry sector for nearly five decades and has built their reputation around their superior products, exceptional services, and their long-standing relationships with their clients.  Our main commitment is to provide high performing and cost-effective machinery at a competitive price.  We focus on being a dependable company that you can come to with all your commercial laundry needs.

Who We Service

As one of the leading Doral commercial laundry equipment suppliers, we take great responsibility in ensuring that you have all the equipment and services you need to make your business a successful one.  We specialize in card and coin operated self-service laundry equipment for multi-housing communities.  This includes apartment complexes, condominiums, hotels, student housing, senior housing and RV and camping sites.

Where We Service

We are one of the largest family owned laundry providers based out of Doral, Florida, but we provide equipment all over the state and to our neighboring islands and the Bahamas.  Our four offices in Doral, Tampa, Orlando, and Fort Myers are responsible for providing laundry equipment to more than 1,000 locations and we are committed to helping each site increase their laundry efficiency and profits.

What We Provide

Our commercial coin and card operated washers and dryers are durable and innovative machines from world-famous manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool.  We have carefully chosen producers that meet our standard of excellence and ingenuity.  Each of these manufacturers have been around for over a century and their dependable products are what have made them the household names you have come to know and love today.

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All of our consciously chosen machines are available in top loading, front loading and stackable washers and dryers to best meet the needs of your facility.  All washers are constructed with stainless steel or porcelain enamel wash tubs to protect clothing and resist corrosion and their strong engineering and advanced features deliver a cleaner laundry outcome.  Additionally, all our machines are energy efficient to protect the environment and save you on utilities.

Coin Operated Equipment: 

Coin op machines are well known and trusted among any demographic.  They are each equipped with easy coin-slide access and manufactured with large coin vaults for added security and protection.

Card Operated Equipment:

Card op equipment benefits are endless and are a modern and profitable addition to any facility.  Their convenient payment method makes laundry a breeze with just a swipe of a card.  Property managers no longer have to worry about counting and collecting coins as all funds are deposited automatically to their business accounts.

Cashless Payment Systems:

Cashless laundry rooms are convenient and easy to install in any laundry facility.  With the use of our Laundryvalue app, your patrons can pay for their usage and receive alerts and notifications regarding their laundry. 

Custom Equipment: 

All of our commercial laundry equipment in Doral, Florida is completely customizable to suit your needs.  Mix and match key features to develop the right machines for your facility.


When you work with us you will have access to the best commercial laundry suppliers in Doral accompanied by superior services to keep your laundry facility operating optimally and successfully.

  • Free delivery and installation with any purchase or lease
  • Disposal of worn-down machines
  • Sell used equipment
  • Helpful service and maintenance packages
  • Washer and dryer repair services by experienced technicians
Commercial Washing Machine Repair Service

What are Your Options

There are many Doral commercial laundry equipment suppliers out there, but when it comes down to it, make sure you choose a company that you can trust.  We know what it takes to run a successful laundry business and we want to help each of our clients reach their full potential.  With our many purchasing and leasing options we can get your new or updated laundry facility up and running in no time. 

Buy new or refurbished commercial laundry equipment in Doral, Florida from us and receive top quality equipment that your patrons are looking for.  With our tax-deductible commercial laundry lease program, you will have all the perks of brand-new premium equipment at an affordable monthly rate.  All our leasing contracts come equipped with free service and maintenance to avoid unnecessary repairs and to keep your machines running efficiently.

For premium services and commercial laundry equipment in Doral, Florida, contact Commercial Laundries at, (855) 254-9274.

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