Card Op Washers and Dryers: What You Need to Know Before Your Purchase

Keep up with today’s technological world with Commercial Laundry’s card op washers and dryers. 

What You Need to Know Before You Purchase Card Op Washers and Dryers

Everything we pay for nowadays is with plastic; everyday items like groceries and gasoline, online purchases and bill payments, even the vending machines you run into nowadays don’t accept cash anymore.  Everything has made the transfer to card and smartphone payments and laundry systems are no different.  Cash is becoming antiquated and more and more commercial laundry facilities are making the switch to card-op laundry machines for their time saving and customizable features.  Keep up with your competitors and the needs of your tenants by updating your facility to card operated laundry equipment.  Contact Commercial Laundries, where we have the equipment and the expertise to assist you with a smooth transition.  Their convenience and possibilities will save you time and increase your customer satisfaction.

In the meantime, here are some of the many benefits of card-op washers and dryers and the need to know.

Card-Op Laundry Machines Will Save you Time and Energy

Running an onsite laundry facility is a rewarding amenity but it does require some time on your part; time to monitor and maintain equipment, fix jammed machines and collect and count coins.  With card operated washers and dryers and Commercial Laundries’ help, you can eliminate all those time-consuming tasks.  By adding card operated laundry machines to your facility you no longer have to manually audit your profits.  All of this is done automatically with each transaction, freeing up your time and removing room for error. 

Our energy efficient card operated laundry equipment will also save you a bundle on your utility bills.  All washers and dryers are High Efficiency, requiring up to 50% less water and 30% less energy, saving you both on your utility costs and carbon emissions. 

Pricing Control and Flexibility

Laundry amenities can be very profitable, but inflation and utilities must be taken into consideration.  Your pricing has to be competitive enough to keep up with local laundry services but profitable enough to cover your overhead costs.  Although coin operated laundry equipment is still important, it does limit owners to charging in twenty-five cent increments. 

With card operated laundry equipment, you have more control over your pricing to where you can alter your charges where you see fit.  Increasing your vending prices just a bit can have a great effect on your margins.  Our washers from Speed Queen also allow you to track tenants’ usage, offer discounts and set up Rewards Plan toward purchases to encourage tenants to patron your laundry amenity and increase your profits.

Increase Renter Satisfaction

Your tenants were not only attracted to your multi-housing complex for your spacious apartments, but also for the amenities that you offer.  Onsite laundry amenities are in high demand when it comes to what renters are looking for and the fact that you are maintaining and upgrading your facility to keep up with the times will go a long way.

The convenience of card-op washers and dryers will speak volumes to your current tenants and potential renters.  Not just their sleek design but their accessibility.  Many people, especially younger generations, don’t carry around cash.  With the CleanPay Kiosk located in your laundry facility, tenants can easily upload credit to their accounts using their debit/credit card or smartphone application.  Our innovative card operated laundry equipment from Speed Queen has all the features and then some, that your renters are looking for.  Using their smartphones, users can receive alerts and notifications about machine availability and laundry status.  The opportunities are vast when it comes to card-op laundry machines.

Purchasing or Leasing Card Operated Laundry Equipment

Commercial Laundries has many budget solutions when it comes to outfitting your laundry facility.  Whether you choose to buy new or refurbished card operated equipment, we are here to help you make the right decision for you.  Another ideal option is leasing commercial laundry equipment.  When you lease with Commercial Laundries Miami, you receive top quality machines from world famous manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool.  Our tax-deductible leasing programs are customizable to meet your needs and any budget.  With all of our leasing programs, service and maintenance is included for the lifetime of the lease, to help ease your mind and make sure your business runs adeptly.

Call our skilled and knowledgeable team at, (855) 254-9274, to discuss our card operated laundry equipment and your many options at Commercial Laundries.