How to Sell Used Commercial Laundry Equipment

How to Sell Used Commercial Laundry Equipment

Sell your commercial washing machines to a reputable commercial laundry buyer for some extra cash or to put earnings towards a new fleet of equipment.

Whether you are looking to get rid of gently used washers and dryers or old, run-down machines, Commercial Laundries can help take them off your hands.  Running an onsite laundry facility comes with some frustrations and hard work.  Machines need to be constantly monitored and maintained and repairs can get costly.  Are you looking to unload your laundry machines and alleviate some of your stress or are you searching for a way to make room for new updated equipment?  Commercial Laundries has several options for you when you are looking to sell used commercial laundry equipment.

Sell Used Commercial Laundry Machines and Profit

Whatever the reason being for you to want to get rid of and sell your used commercial laundry machines, you want to find a company that will give you the best price and do all the heavy lifting.  Here at Commercial Laundries, we are happy to purchase your used equipment and even set you up with a hassle-free lease if you wish.  With the best price for your used machines, you can easily offset the price of new equipment by applying your earnings to your new fleet. 

Offset the Cost of New Equipment

Onsite laundry facilities can be very profitable and worth the hassle when you have the right equipment.  Modern machines draw in more patrons and easily help you boost your revenue.  As you may have experienced in the past, owning new commercial laundry equipment is a great luxury, but oftentimes pricey.  Sell used commercial laundry equipment and put your earnings towards new innovative machines that will increase revenue.

Get Rid of Old Machines at No Cost to You

When you get the most out of your machines and use them until they no longer perform, you know you have given them a good run.  Although they might not be worth much or anything at all, offloading your worn-down machines can be a challenge.  Here at Commercial Laundries, we will gladly pick up and dispose of your old, nonfunctioning machines when you buy or lease new equipment.

Replace Machines with Our Straightforward Leasing Program or Join our Partner Program

Let us take those worn-down machines off your hands and replace them with dependable equipment from our customizable leasing program.  You may desire to get rid of your onsite laundry facility because it is a major responsibilities, however there are some options that take away the headaches and still give your tenants, visitors, or employees a functioning laundry room they need.  Our commercial laundry lease programs are designed to suit the individual needs of each of our clients.  You will be happy to know that all our leases are accompanied by free service and maintenance for the lifetime of your lease to help you manage your facility and avoid unnecessary repairs.

Another option is to keep your onsite laundry facility up and running and relinquish all responsibilities to us.  With our equipment and facility management partner program we will create a personalized plan that is profitable for you and allows you to continue providing a laundry space to your residents or guests that is completely managed by us. You will reap all the benefits of a commercial laundry space without the daily responsibilities of running one.

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