Best Smart-Laundry Machines for Condos in Miami and South Florida

July 7, 2022 | Categories: Smart Laundry

Best Smart-Laundry Machines for Condos in Miami and South Florida

Today, outfitting your condominium, apartment building, or other multi-housing laundry centers with smart commercial washers and dryers, can help you save water, energy, and time to reduce your operating expenses. Smart commercial laundry equipment boasts convenient payment system options, Energy Star ratings, voice commands, super speed technology, and other user-friendly features.

Investing in a smart washer and dryer for your commercial laundry facility can enhance your profits and provide better laundry service for multi-housing residents. Plus, you can opt for leasing smart commercial laundry equipment if you are not in the market to invest in a purchase.

  Upgrade Your Premise Laundry Equipment to Smart Commercial Laundry Machines

Smart top-of-the-line app operated washers and dryer sets can elevate your multi-housing laundry facility whether you cater to condominium owners or mobile home parks. Upgrading from exclusive coin-operated laundry equipment to new or used card-operated laundry equipment offers multiple payment options for your clients, which is great for your business. Users will have more options for making a laundry payment, and won’t have to lug around coins that are slowly evaporating from our monetary systems.

Some users may prefer to use commercial laundry equipment with coin slides, but increasingly, people are moving toward card-operated options for greater convenience, especially in tech-savvy cities like Miami, Florida. You can phase out coin laundry machines slowly or upgrade completely to smart card-operated laundry equipment today with Commercial Laundries with a quick call to our service team.

  Different Types of Smart Laundry Machines

There are multiple options you can choose from today for your smart commercial laundry equipment. Find anything from smart front load washing machines, stackable machines, or other smart laundry equipment with a quick search. As with traditional washing machines and dryers, you can find smart options in your top load washer, front load washers, portable washing machines, stack dryers, high-efficiency washers, electric dryers with steam, and many more. If you’re in the market for washer/dryer combos with smart payment capability, you can find them for your South Florida apartment complex or condominium buildings today with Commercial Laundries.

  Lease a Smart Washer and Dryer Set

Not sure you’re ready to invest in buying a smart commercial washer and dryer set? Then consider professional laundry equipment leasing. This is a great option for many commercial laundry facilities because these agreements often come with maintenance and repair services for washers, dryers, and other laundry machines in the contract. You can lease a stackable washer and dryer, top load washers, front-loading washers, and electric dryer with steam with Commercial Laundries Miami. We are supplied with top laundry brands like Speed Queens, Maytag, Whirlpool, and Miele. Laundry equipment leasing has become a popular option for condominium and apartment building owners in Miami who want to offer residents top-of-the-line machines for convenience and home efficiency.

Buying or leasing new smart washers and dryers is the best decision for Miami premises laundry owners in 2022. Save money and energy on all wash cycles, and offer residents more convenience with smart laundry app functionality that allows for unique features like dryer syncing, spin cycle control, dry cycle control, the “cycle is complete” alerts, and so much more. With Commercial Laundries, you can begin saving on laundry loads right away. Call our team for a free quote today at 305-699-3956.

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