Are Smart Washers and Dryers Worth It?

May 3, 2022 | Categories: Smart Laundry

Are Smart Washers and Dryers Worth It_

Why Purchase a Smart Appliance?

Smart washers and dryers are the new trend in laundry, and for good reason. As most people today, especially the younger demographic, are more comfortable operating in a cashless society using apps, voice commands, and digital solutions, smart washer dryer combos have become more popular in the commercial laundry industry. The more in-touch with this current trend of smart laundry appliances you are, and the more smart dryer and smart washing machine options you provide to your residents or customers, the more likely they will be to use your laundry room over going elsewhere for their clothing care.

Every establishment and laundry facility has their own niche, clients, and unique needs. If you are considering switching your laundry machines to smart washers and dryers, you will want to consider things like the cost of the machines, their efficiency, and the overall user experience.

Reasons Why Smart Appliances are Worth Purchasing

Some of the reasons it is worth purchasing or switching to smart washers and dryers include advantages and smart features such as:

  •   They are affordable and save you money, long-term. Smart washer dryer combos are affordable and will save you money in the long-run due to their efficiency and convenience. You can purchase top-load machines or stackable washers and dryers for saving space and maximizing your facility’s capacity, or you may choose industrial, larger size top-loading washer dryer combos that provide extra power for those laundry days that include sheets or work clothes.
  •   They are customizable. Smart laundry appliances offer smart features like custom cycles for washing and drying, voice commands, and remote start and stop, making laundry days easier and more fun.
  •   They are convenient for managers and owners. Smart laundry accessories provide remote access to the laundry machines, even when you are at home or in your office at work. With any smart laundry washer and dryer set, you can control and monitor everything from the pricing to scheduling maintenance, tracking your profits, and viewing user habits and preferences, while simultaneously measuring energy usage and efficiency from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are.
  •   They are convenient for customers and residents. Because each machine has built-in Wi-Fi, your customers or multi-family apartment/housing residents will enjoy the convenience of being able to check whether there are free laundry machines before leaving their home, using an easy laundry app. They will be able to pay remotely, without needing to carry clunky change around with them, by downloading the application onto their smartphone or tablet, providing their credit card or bank information, and reloading their account online. To start the washer cycle or dryer, they can scan a QR code on the machine or input the laundry machine’s ID number into the app. They will also be able to remotely start their wash cycle, add drying time to the dryer cycle, and track their laundry progress, so they will not need to wait around the laundry facility if they have other errands to run.
  •   The payment mechanism needs less maintenance. Using a smart appliance will allow building owners and managers to avoid inconvenient coin-slide jams, tampering, vandalism, and other common complaints. Laundry employees will also no longer need to count, collect, and deposit coins at the bank.

Smart Laundry Appliances (Washers and Dryers) at Commercial Laundries, Miami Florida

Coin laundry technology may soon become obsolete due to the convenient time- and money-saving pros of running a smart appliance from an app on your phone. To find out more about smart washers and dryers and how they can improve the overall laundry experience for your tenants, renters, or customers, while simultaneously saving you time and money, call Commercial Laundries Miami today at (305) 699-3970.

We sell energy star rated app-controlled laundry equipment that has built in Wi-Fi capability at affordable prices, including Whirlpool, GE Smart Appliances, LG Electronics, Maytag, and Speed Queen.

We will help you determine whether it is time to switch from coin-operated commercial washers to digital laundry solutions, and we can help you choose appropriate laundry accessories and machines for your facility, top loading washing machines and dryers, to front loading washer or dryer options.

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