Guide to Buying App Controlled Washers and Dryers in Miami

Guide to Buying App Controlled Washers and Dryers in Miami

Transform your amenity and make laundry easier for both you and your residents with smart washers and dryers.

App controlled washers and dryers in Miami are the waves of the future and incorporating them into your laundry facility will prove to be most beneficial to you and your residents.  If you are just starting out, you will have to make an investment in new machinery either through purchasing or leasing.  With a current laundry amenity already established, you may be able to convert laundry equipment inexpensively.  To get started, we recommend finding a local supplier that is dependable and trustworthy, one that can support you and your laundry facility’s needs professionally.  Here at Commercial Laundries, we have the quality washing machines and dryers you are searching for and the expertise to set up your payment systems and help you be successful.  Here is our guide to buying or leasing smart washer and dryer units in Miami.

1. Find a Local Commercial Laundry Distributor You Can Trust

Beyond purchasing your equipment, it is helpful if you maintain a relationship with your laundry supplier for a number of reasons.  After purchasing your washer and dryer set, you will need delivery and installation services and most likely servicing down the line.  This is why we recommend starting off strong with a trusted distributor.  Here at Commercial Laundries, we have been in the laundry business for five decades and we pride ourselves on our premium equipment paired with our first-class services.  Choose from our top of the line equipment from Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool, and give your residents the quality machines they deserve.

2. Discuss Your Purchasing and Leasing Options

Owning your laundry appliances outright is a privilege, that grants you autonomy over your laundry facility.  Here at Commercial Laundries, we have affordable front loading, top loading, and stackable washer and dryer units for sale and rent.  Leasing your machines is often the most affordable option for owners and managers and offers a lot of perks that you may not have considered.  Get brand new machines with free delivery, installation, service, and maintenance when you lease your washer and dryer set with us.

3. Find Out if Machine Conversion is a Possibility

If you already have an established laundry facility with equipment, then there’s a high chance you can convert to a smart appliance system with your current machines.  Select models and machines can be retrofitted with a smart system for instant savings.

4. Enroll in a Service and Maintenance Program

If you choose to purchase your laundry appliances, make sure you sign up for a service and maintenance plan to protect your machines and investment.  When you rent with us, all service and maintenance are included in your lease contract so you can manage with ease.

5. Enjoy the Many Benefits of App Controlled Washers and Dryers in Miami

A smart appliance system has many advantages for owners and managers, along with their customers.  As for owners, they can enjoy the remote access connected appliances will give them through their phone or tablet.  From the online database, you can access your payment systems, adjust pricing, track profits, view user preferences and habits, all from the app on your phone or desktop.

Residents will appreciate the convenience of a washers and dryers smart system, and their accessibility from their phone or tablet.  Each machine will have builtin wifi, allowing customers to pay for their laundry, remotely start wash cycles, and track their laundry’s progress.  They can even add more time to their dryer cycle if needed.

Smart laundry equipment will significantly transform your laundry facility and the way it operates.  Here at Commercial Laundries, we have affordable energy star top and front loading washing machines and dryers for sale and lease.  And with our stackable washer and dryer units, you can save space and maximize capacity.

Give us a call today at, (855)254-9274 to get your premium app controlled washers and dryers in Miami and select models that work for your business.  Click here for a free estimate on our energy star laundry equipment with builtin wifi.