Purchase Coin Operated Laundry Equipment in Miami

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Commercial Laundries Equipment Can Accept Coins or Smart Payments

When you’re operating a commercial laundry facility, it’s important that you have laundry equipment with versatile options for payment to meet the needs of all of your patrons. At Commercial Laundries, we have a  large inventory of top-brand name laundry machines that have options for both coin-operated payments and smart payments of either reloadable payment cards or smart app payments. You may have customers that come into your laundry facility without carrying any coins. Having laundry machines that have the capacity to accept payments through digital payments meets the growing needs of your customer base and helps to increase your revenue.

Commercial Laundries has coin laundry machines for sale in Miami in both top-loading and front-loading laundry machines. Our family-owned business understands the pride you take in your commercial laundry business and the desire you have to find the right laundry equipment for your facility that meets the needs of your customers. Depending on the floor plan of your laundry room, you may be seeking front-loading stackable machines that will effectively utilize the space in your laundry room, allowing you to place more machines for your growing number of customers. If you have higher volumes of people needing larger machines, top-loading machines may have larger barrel sizes to fit the laundry cycles. No matter the need of your specific laundry business, Commercial Laundries Inc. supports you in finding affordable laundry equipment that is designed to be durable and reliable to ensure your commercial laundry business runs smoothly.

Can I Buy Coin Laundry Machines in Miami?

Yes, coin laundry machines are available for purchase in Miami. At Commercial Laundries, we have a wide selection of laundry equipment for sale that have coin payment options. Miami owners have the option of purchasing new or used laundry machines from top brand names like Whirlpool, Miele, Maytag, and Speed Queen.  You’ll have the option of choosing between machines that have new, modern features that enhance the productivity of your cycles and provide high-quality cleans for all of your clothing and linens. There are newer features that offer eco-friendly cycle options that reduce the amount of water and energy used each cycle along with specific cycle features that provide higher efficiency levels to complete each cycle in a timely, productive manner.

Each laundry machine that we sell is specifically maintained and assessed to ensure that there is optimal performance and dependability with every cycle. Before purchasing your laundry equipment, we offer a free utility analysis for Miami commercial laundry owners. Our technicians will visit your commercial laundry facility and assess and measure the effectiveness of your space. Through our assessment, we can ensure that you’re receiving quality laundry equipment that reduces the costs of your water and energy costs.

When you purchase laundry equipment with Commercial Laundries, you’re provided with our extensive customer service guarantee. We know the importance of running an effective laundry facility without having to worry about machines breaking down. We offer onsite maintenance repairs and regular service calls to ensure that your laundry machines continually operate at high-performing speeds and produce top-quality cleans.

Can I Lease Coin Laundry Machines in Miami?

If you’re looking to upgrade your laundry facility’s machines but want a cost-effective option that allows you to choose the machines you want, leasing coin laundry machines in Miami is an option available with Commercial Laundries. Our leasing program is a popular method of distributing laundry equipment to commercial laundry owners. We offer customized contracts that are designed to meet the needs and goals of your business development. Once your contract is finished, you have the option of upgrading your laundry equipment to newer models to continue to meet the needs of your customers and maintain high-performing laundry rooms. We’ll provide you with top-quality machines that are designed to reduce the amount of water, sewer, gas, and electricity. The environmentally friendly laundry machines are designed to reduce the operational costs of your laundry facility and, in turn, increase your overall revenue.

Our leasing contracts are made with you and the success of your business in mind. Each leasing contract includes free onsite servicing and maintenance inspections. Our licensed technicians will stop by your laundry facility to assess and inspect your equipment to ensure that its functioning remains optimal and reliable. If you experience any breakdowns, our maintenance technicians will attend the site within 24 to 48 hours to complete the necessary repairs and ensure that there is little to no disruption to your regular operations.

Our leasing customers are valued by us and we offer exceptional benefits to our leasing customers. When you sign a leasing contract, you may be offered bonuses at signing or monetary rewards for a renewal of your contract or new leasing of equipment for your laundry facility.

5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Building’s Coin Laundry Equipment

Even with continuous maintenance and servicing, laundry machines will reach a time that is no longer working at optimal functioning levels and indicates that your machines need to be upgraded. Common signs to be mindful of that indicate it’s time for an upgrade include the following:

  1. The operational costs of your laundry facility are too high. When laundry machines are no longer functioning at high-performing levels, it requires more energy and water to reach normal levels of functioning. Replacing your machines with newer models offer the same pristine cleans and high-powered cycles without the excessive use of energy and water.
  2. Your equipment experiences more breakdowns more often. If you’re finding that your laundry equipment requires frequent repairs or is out of order on a regular basis, it’s often a clear indicator that your laundry machines are no longer functioning at the speed and efficiency that they should be.
  3. Your laundry machines don’t have up-to-date technology features. As laundry machines continue to evolve, there are newer technological features that make completing laundry simple and easy. Newer models of laundry machines have digital interfaces that allow you to easily select the specifics of your laundry cycles along with options for smart app controls that will enable you to monitor and finish your laundry loads from your phone.
  4. Your customers aren’t satisfied with your machines. If your customers are expressing a dislike for the laundry machines in your facility, it’s important that you find machines that meet the needs of your patrons to ensure that your customers will continue to return to your laundry facility.
  5. You’re not meeting the needs of the traffic of customers in your facility. If you have high volumes of people coming to your laundry facility, you’ll want laundry machines that complete loads of laundry in a timely, efficient manner to ensure that your customers can complete their laundry when they want to  without having to wait for others to finish.

Call Commercial Laundries for the Best Coin Laundry for Sale in Miami

Finding the right coin-operated laundry machines for your Miami commercial laundry facility is made simple with our trustworthy, dedicated sales team. We’re a family-owned business that takes pride in providing each of our customers with exceptional customer service to ensure that you find a laundry machine that meets your customer’s needs while increasing your overall revenue. Call our team at (305) 592-7990 or visit our location to inquire about your laundry needs and let our team gain an understanding of your needs to find you the right laundry equipment.