Features Of Miami Commercial Laundry Washers

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Commercial Laundries is the Best Choice in Miami

Commercial Laundries Inc. is the top choice for purchasing laundry equipment in Miami. Commercial washers and dryers come in many shapes and sizes, and we pride ourselves on being able to recommend the best brands of new or used equipment to our customers based on their individual needs. If you purchase a brand new card, app, or coin laundry equipment from us, you and your building residents or clients will enjoy features such as:

  • Cutting-edge technological features like app-controlled systems, digital monitoring, and the ability for you to control pricing and view usage stats in real-time from home
  • High-end energy efficiency, ensuring you do not waste energy and water while saving your business money
  • The newest and most modern-looking equipment on the market, making your laundry room look modern and clean

At Commercial Laundries, we have the top laundry brands at affordable prices, along with excellent customer service and leasing options that are tax-deductible and easy to understand. All lease clients receive maintenance and repair packages that will last as long as your contract does, ensuring your machines run like new, even after years of use. Whether you choose Speed Queen top-load washing machines, Maytag electric washers, and dryers, or highly efficient, stackable washers and dryer options, we will deliver and install your machines and ensure they run well from day one.

8 Features to Look for in a Modern Commercial Laundry Washer

When choosing a new commercial laundry washer, it is worthwhile to consider which features you will want your washers and dryers to have. Some options to think about include:

  • Customizable cycle settings
  • Wi-fi connectivity for app-based controls and features like notifications on the phone when a cycle is complete or when a machine comes available
  • Integrated digital controls that are easy to use, with or without voice control options
  • Diagnostic sensors tell you when something has gone wrong
  • Moisture-detection sensors in the dryers for more efficient drying
  • A sophisticated aesthetic, with modern touch screens
  • The ability to check energy and water usage online from anywhere
  • Good energy efficiency rating, with low resource consumption and energy use

You will want the dependable, durable, and long-lasting construction that can be found in the most trustworthy name-brand laundry equipment. Buying commercial washers and dryers that are technologically advanced and made from durable metal parts will provide you with a wise investment that will last you longer.

New laundry machines that use smart cards or app-based technology will likely appeal to modern clientele, as our society moves toward a more cash-free payment system. Younger people are more likely to feel comfortable with online services, so adopting these types of technology will bring in a newer, younger crowd of college students and young professionals.

What are the Top Brands of Commercial Laundry Washers

Speed Queen, Miele, Maytag, and Whirlpool are the top brands of all Miami commercial laundry washers. All of these brands have been around for over a century, providing the best, high-quality machines. They are made from sturdy components that can withstand heavy, long-term use. These durable machines are expertly designed, easy to use, and energy-efficient, and they are compatible with modern technology. You can’t go wrong when you choose a washer and dryer combo from any of these brands.

6 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Building’s Commercial Laundry Washers in Miami

If you have a laundry business or are in charge of overseeing a residential laundry room or small laundry business, it is important to have highly efficient equipment that runs well and does not cost you excessive money in repairs. The following are some signs that it’s time to upgrade your commercial washing machines:

  1. Your business is growing. As your foot traffic starts to outgrow the capabilities of your older equipment, you may want to upgrade to more efficient and sturdier commercial equipment
  2. Customers are complaining. What your clientele wants is simple: laundry equipment that works well. The service you are offering to them in exchange for their hard-earned money is a washing machine that functions efficiently and gets their clothes clean.
  3. Your utility bills are rising. Malfunctioning, old equipment can waste water and energy, causing your operating costs to rise. Upgrading your washers and dryers will reduce gas, energy, and water usage, increasing your laundry business’ overall profitability.
  4. Your machines are starting to look old. When your machines look dingy, it can make the laundry room look dirty and outdated, which may cause clients to think twice before using your equipment to clean their clothes
  5. Your equipment breaks down often. As washers and dryers age, they tend to break down more often, which may cost you money in repairs, while reducing the number of machines your clients can use, costing you revenue.
  6. The machines start acting up. If the machine has issues starting, there are strange sounds emanating from them, the washer is leaking, there is water remaining in the drum after a wash cycle, the spin cycle does not spin, and there are code errors on the display panel, or if there is not enough water in the drum during a wash cycle, you may need to upgrade to avoid costly future repairs.

Whether you run a multi-housing laundry room, a short-term vacation rental home, or an on-premises laundry room, investing in your equipment will ensure you continue to make a profit, keep your clientele and residents happy, and help your business remain competitive with low utility costs.

Call Us for the Best Miami Commercial Laundry Washers

If you are ready to upgrade your laundry services and get some high-tech brand-name equipment in your laundry room, please call us at 239-208-5216. We have the best coin-operated, card-operated, and app-operated Miami commercial laundry washers and dryers on the market at our on-premises warehouse, waiting to be delivered to your door.

As a locally owned company, we take pride in offering only the best name-brand equipment, along with excellent customer service and fast turnarounds on all orders. With our expertise and our tailored leasing plans, we can help you get your laundry business up and running in as little as a few days, depending on location and delivery timelines.

If you would prefer to purchase a used, refurbished model for your laundry room or laundry business, we also sell energy-star-rated and DOE-compliant laundry machines that use less electricity, gas, water, and detergent than other brands. We will ensure your commercial washers and dryers run like new so you can increase your profits while reducing your ecological footprint.

We only sell top-tier equipment, and that includes our used stock, as we do not buy back flimsy washing machines that will break down. That said, our maintenance and repair technicians are well-versed in every piece of new and refurbished equipment we sell, so if something were to happen, our team can come out to fix it right away.

Whether you are in the market for brand-new, cutting-edge technology, or want to purchase some used commercial laundry equipment for your basement suite or school boarding house laundry room, we have what you need. Please call our team at 786-977-9910 now to get started. Our knowledgeable sales staff is standing by to help you create a customized leasing plan that will work for your needs and help you turn a profit.