Step by Step Guide to Leasing Card Operated Laundry Machines in Miami

Step by Step Guide to Leasing Card Operated Laundry Machines in Miami

>Miami, Florida is home to hundreds, if not thousands of laundromat projects and on-premise laundry facilities in multi housing buildings (apartments, mobile home parks, nursing homes, rental properties, etc.). Clients, customers, and residents alike are finding that with our society becoming increasingly cash-free, carrying large amounts of change around is becoming less and less convenient.

Even if your laundry facility has the highest efficiency washers and single dryers, or brand-new laundry systems in place, you may still find that you are losing business to other nearby commercial washing facilities that use card-operated machines simply because it is more convenient.

  Make the Switch from Coin to Card-Operated Laundry Machines

Card operated laundry machines are the new cashless option, without the easily jammed and tampered-with coin-slides of a coin-operated laundry payment system. These machines use “smart cards” which are the size and shape of a typical credit card that will easily fit into a wallet. Residents or customers add money to their laundry payment card via a mobile app, then will simply swipe the card into an electronic card reader that is attached to the commercial laundry machines to start their cycle.

Like reloadable gift cards, users can also check their balance on the mobile payment app through any phone or tablet, monitoring usage via web-based applications, making it a much easier and more convenient option for those who use a commercial washers and dryers for their laundry services.

This switch is guaranteed to bring more people to your laundromat and will keep your multi-family home residents and renters coming back. Not to mention, the switch to cash-less will also make it easier to manage finances, without needing to collect, count, and deposit coins at the bank.

  How to Lease Card Operated Laundry Machines at Commercial Laundries

Leasing card operated laundry machines has never been easier. Here is how you can lease commercial laundry machines today, step by step:

● Step One: Call our team at 305-699-3974 or visit our website to set up a consultation time or to get a quote.

● Step Two: Work with our sales team to create a customized equipment leasing program contract that will work best for you and your business, rental, or laundry facility.

● Step Three: Receive the card operated washers and dryers you need right away.

● Step Four: Enjoy the perks of having our team there for you when you need service calls or routine maintenance on all washers and dryers at no added cost.

When you own a commercial laundry business, you want to ensure your lease program suits your unique needs. Our knowledgeable team of salespeople and administrators will ensure you get exactly what you need every step of the way from customized payment plans to effective and convenient laundry equipment repair and maintenance schedules.

To find out more about the lease options available for you, call Commercial Laundries today at 305-699-3974 for a free, no obligation quote to get started.

 Why Lease Your Commercial Washing Machines and Commercial Dryers from Commercial Laundries?

If you are thinking about trading in and upgrading to card-operated machines, contact Commercial Laundries and ask about our equipment lease options today. We can help your business grow and stay profitable.

Switching from coin operated laundry to card operated laundry, or starting your new laundry operation in partner with us will provide you with:

● Customer service you can count on from a family-owned and operated laundry equipment company

● Regular service and maintenance on all commercial laundry equipment with no extra fee

● Top brand name washing machines and dryers to choose from like Speed Queen, Maytag, and Whirlpool

● Quick delivery and fast repairs, as we have a large warehouse stocked with laundromats equipment, laundry machines, parts, and accessories

● A completely customized laundry equipment leasing plan that is designed to work best for your laundry enterprise

Commercial Laundries has been in operation, leading Florida’s laundry sector since 1972. We have established a reputation for dependability, hard work, and creating long-lasting relationships with all of our clients, with a firm belief that customer service and relationship management is the key to success. We have offices in Tampa, Orlando, and Miami, and are committed to the continuous improvement of laundry performance through technological advances and innovations that will better serve our clients’ needs. To find out more about card-operated laundry machines and how we can help your business grow, call our sales team today at 1-305-699-3974.