Benefits of Buying Card Operated Laundry Equipment in Miami

Benefits of Buying Card Operated Laundry Equipment in Miami

Discover the many benefits of buying card-operated laundry equipment in Miami when you partner with Commercial Laundries for all your laundry needs.

There are many advantages to a laundry amenity and even more when you incorporate card-operated equipment.  For starters, an onsite laundry facility is considered essential to most residents, and having one on your property will attract renters and keep your current residents satisfied.  With a card-operated laundry facility, residents will quickly adapt to the many perks they bring with them, and property owners will question how they ever did without them in the first place.  Treat yourself to the conveniences of card op washers and dryers and the benefits of buying laundry equipment with card-operated equipment from Commercial Laundries.

Benefits of Buying Laundry Equipment

Don’t let the cost and responsibility of owning your machines discourage you.  There are many benefits of buying card-operated laundry equipment in Miami that will sway you in the right direction.  First, owning your machines gives you autonomy over your machines and facility.  You don’t have to deal with any ongoing contracts and agreements of leasing.  Another benefit of buying laundry equipment is the opportunity to get back some of your money if you choose to sell.  When the time comes to get rid of your machines, you can sell your used commercial laundry equipment to earn back part of your investment and put it toward new machines, offsetting cost.

Card Operated Equipment Features and Advantages

Card op washers and dryers are a great addition to any property type.  They are easily adopted by customers for their user-friendly features and cashless payment system.  In today’s day and age, customers are looking for small conveniences to make their life easier, and card-operated machines offer just that.  With a simple swipe of their laundry loyalty card, users have access to all your machines and can easily upgrade their purchases without having to insert more coins.  With their smartphone app capabilities, your residents can conveniently track their laundry time and find available machines.  As a property owner, you can also monitor your machines and facility.  View profits, adjust pricing, reward discounts, and get alerts on machines all in real-time reports through an online database for clarity into your business.

Top Quality Card Operated Equipment Brands

Another one of the benefits of buying card-operated laundry equipment in Miami is the limitless options to choose any laundry machine you desire.  When you do take the plunge to buy your machines, make sure you are choosing top-quality equipment, like the washer and dryers we have here at Commercial Laundries.  Choose machines from world-renowned manufactures, Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool, and get the top performance you are searching for.

Card Operated Laundry Protection Plans

One big factor that must not be overlooked when you own your equipment is the necessity of upkeep and the responsibility that comes along with it.  Maintenance is essential and often a big to do.  Give yourself a break and get assistance from us through our comprehensive service and maintenance program.  Choose the plan that works for you and one of our professional technicians will regularly come out to your site and take care of your machines.  Performing all necessary servicing and repairs, our techs will keep your machines running at top performance and give you peace of mind.

Buy Affordable Card Op Machines from Commercial Laundries

Don’t be turned away by the price tag of purchasing your machines.  Here at Commercial Laundries, we have affordable card-operated washers and dryers to meet any budget.  With our competitive prices, you will get your hands on quality equipment without breaking the bank.

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