5 Social Distance Tips for Laundry Facilities

Social Distance Tips for Laundry Facilities

Providing your residents with social distance tips for laundry facilities and in their daily lives will help create a cleaner and safer environment for all members of your community.

Your residents must do laundry, there is no way around it, but providing a space for residents to feel safe doing laundry will make all the difference.  Cleaning your space, decluttering, and sharing tips with your tenants is a great start.  Installing a contactless laundry payment system is also an inexpensive way to add value to your facility and to make your residents feel safe doing laundry.  Give your tenants a clean, safe, and functional laundry room with some minor adjustments and these social distance practices for laundry rooms.

Social Distance Tips for Laundry Facilities of Multi-Family Properties

  1. Organize Facility and Eliminate Waiting Areas

The first step to a clean space is decluttering.  The more things you have the more things you must clean, sanitize, and maintain, and the more time that takes.  Remove unnecessary items that are not essential to doing laundry.  Any kind of lounge or waiting area is just asking for social interactions and unwanted lingering.  Take away chairs and folding stations to encourage residents to wait in another area and take their laundry to their apartment for organizing.

  1. Establish a Cleaning Routine

We know your cleaning game has picked up over the past year and your laundry room is a space that requires some extra attention.  Create a frequent cleaning schedule for your staff to follow.  Enforce a sign-in and sign-out sheet to keep track of tasks and provide accountability.  This available information will also make your residents feel safe doing laundry to know that their safety and concerns are being addressed.

  1. Encourage Social Responsibility

Your property is a community and as members of a community, your residents should play a part.  Give your tenants social distance tips for laundry facilities and your property so that everyone is on the same page.  Display signs encouraging six feet of social distance, elevator requirements, and mask promotion.  Provide hand sanitizing stations and cleaning supplies so that residents can take responsibility for their own well-being as well as their neighbors.

  1. Install Contactless Laundry Payment Options

Offering multiple payment choices in your laundry facility is a great way to expand your clientele and provide more social distance tips for laundry facilities.  No matter your current payment system, incorporating a mobile laundry payment option is both easy and affordable.  Not only that, but you will make your residents feel safe doing laundry.  With a smart card laundry system or a mobile laundry payment app, residents will have minimal contact with buttons and machines and not have to rely on cash.  Through the smartphone application, residents can pay for their laundry and activate machines through Bluetooth with one simple scan.

  1. Use App Remote Alerts and Notifications

The perks of a laundry app don’t stop with just payment.  With the Laundryvalue application, users can monitor their laundry and track its progress.  Residents can even find available machines before even stepping foot in your laundry facility.  Through the application and its alerts and notifications, residents feel safe doing laundry and can use these social distance practices for laundry rooms to stay safe and have peace of mind.

Update Your Facility and Make Your Residents Feel Safe Doing Laundry

As previously mentioned, installing a mobile laundry payment system is simple and affordable when you partner with your neighbors at Commercial Laundries.  Here, we have the solutions to get your facility safely up and running quickly with no downtime.  We also have great purchasing and commercial laundry leasing options that are accompanied by our expert care.

Laundry is an essential business and task, especially in these unprecedented times, and should not be overlooked.  Contact Commercial Laundries at, (855) 254-9274 to help transform your facility and instill social distance practices for laundry rooms with a contactless laundry payment system.