Used Commercial Laundry Equipment for Sale

Buy ‘like new’ used commercial laundry equipment and save big time when you work with a trusted local supplier. 

used commercial laundry equipment for sale 

Outfitting a laundry facility with a fleet of machines can be a bit of an undertaking, and frankly, quite expensive. But when you purchase used commercial laundry equipment, you can save in more ways than one. 

When you work with Commercial Laundries, think about quality, longevity, affordability, and hassle-free service. Commercial Laundries has premium used commercial laundry equipment for sale at a fraction of the cost of new machines, plus the preventative care to get you the most out of your investment. 

New vs. Used Commercial Laundry Equipment for Sale 

New equipment is often sought after for its shiny exterior, updated features, and peace of mind. But what if we told you, you could get all these qualities and guarantees without the hefty price tag? Commercial Laundries has certified refurbished equipment that you can depend on and the services to keep your facility operating optimally. 

Purchase Used Commercial Laundry Equipment and Save 

Running a self-service laundry room can be very painful when you have the right dependable equipment that is affordable. However, when you start spending all your funding on new equipment or go into debt with loans, you may begin to look at things differently. Buy used coin-operated laundry equipment or go cashless without breaking the bank by purchasing top-quality used commercial equipment that is well-suited for your patrons and your wallet. 

Premium Refurbished Equipment Built for Longevity 

The first step to buying refurbished equipment is doing your homework on brands and companies that will live up to the test of time. When you purchase equipment from a reputable company as Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool, you can trust you are getting machines with robust features built to last. These manufacturers construct their machines with all-metal, premium parts and components built to withstand everyday use demands. Their stainless-steel and porcelain-enameled washtubs, advanced suspension, and innovative features are what you desire in your machines. 

Protect Your Machines with Preventative Care 

Your washers and dryers are going to receive a lot of use and abuse. To protect your equipment and your investment, enroll in a comprehensive service and maintenance program. With your customized plan, you decide when and how often an expert technician will visit your site and perform all necessary servicing and upkeep. Through preventative care, you will better maintain your facility and protect yourself from costly repairs and replacements in the future. 

Buy Used Washers and Dryers Confidently 

Just like buying a used car, you can get a reliable machine when you purchase from a trustworthy dealer. Here at Commercial Laundries, we take great pride in our equipment, both new and used. All our used machines are carefully inspected and refurbished to operate like new. Each goes through a series of tests by our qualified team of technicians to ensure they meet our high standards and requirements so that you can purchase with confidence. 

Work with Your Trusted, Local Commercial Laundry Supplier 

Commercial Laundries has been servicing Florida’s commercial laundry sector since 1972. We have the quality machines you desire and the service you need. No matter your financial situation, we have got the solutions for you and your budget. Buy used coin-operated laundry equipment or lease for the most significant savings. Our commercial laundry leasing program allows you to rent your washers and dryers at an affordable monthly rate and includes all servicing and maintenance. 

To find out more about our used commercial laundry equipment for sale, contact one of our helpful sales representatives at (855) 254-9274