Should I Purchase Used Commercial Washers and Dryers

Used coin washers and dryers are a great way to start or update your laundry amenity at a fraction of the cost.

used commercial washers and dryers

Purchasing new equipment can be daunting when you start to look at the price tag. To help save funds, purchase used commercial washers and dryers to update your laundry facility and reap the benefits. All our used laundry equipment at Commercial Laundries is refurbished and guaranteed to work like new. The only big difference between our new and used equipment is the price, which could help you save thousands. Need more convincing? Here are several reasons you should purchase used commercial washers and dryers.

New vs. Used

Yes, buying brand new anything always feels good, but when it comes to your laundry equipment, which will get a lot of wear and tear right off the bat, don’t think twice. New equipment just out of the box is pretty and shiny, and you can usually count on nothing being wrong with it. Still, when it comes to our refurbished equipment, each machine has been carefully tested to ensure they will operate like new, saving you a bundle.

Quality Used Coin Washers and Dryers

Not all equipment is built to last. Washers and dryers with inferior parts and plastic components won’t get you very far and may end up costing more than they are worth. Refurbished equipment should come from material and brands which you can trust have many more good years to go. For instance, our top manufacturers are Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool. These companies are known for their robust products and dependable performance. Each of their machines has been carefully constructed with all metal components and scratch and chip resistant casing. Their innovative features and advanced engineering are meant to save on resources and withstand daily use.

Refurbished to Operate Like New

When you update to used commercial washers and dryers, invest in machinery that comes with a guarantee from a distributor you can trust. The meticulousness and care that goes into a refurbished machine will affect its longevity. Here at Commercial Laundries, all our used equipment goes through rigorous testing by our experienced technicians to ensure they are up to par with our high standards. Each machine is examined and tweaked until it is running like new. Certified and guaranteed, you can trust that you are receiving quality equipment from a distributor that has got your back.

Update Current Equipment with Newer Technology

Not ready to do a complete overhaul and switch over to used coin washers and dryers? There are some options out there to update your current equipment to a more advanced system that is a little less invasive. Your coin-operated equipment may qualify to be fitted with card readers to make the transition more easily. With the installation of a CleanPay Card Kiosk in your facility, your patrons can make the simple switch from coin to card transactions. Even card-op equipment can be taken up a notch by updating to a laundry mobile app payment system. These cashless systems are gaining in popularity and offer a safer laundry experience for patrons.  Contact us to find out if your current machines apply.

How to Get Started

There are many benefits and reasons to update to used commercial washers and dryers, and working with a dependable supplier will make it all that much easier. Commercial Laundries is the leading commercial laundry distributor in Florida and we have the quality used washers and dryers to get your facility upgraded. All our equipment is competitively priced to help meet any budget. Our commercial laundry lease program, complete with free service and maintenance, is one of the most affordable plans on the market.

Contact Commercial Laundries at (855) 254-9274 to find out more about our guaranteed refurbished equipment and how you can update to used commercial washers and dryers today.