Where to Find Washing Machine Installation Service in Miami

Washing Machine Installation Service

Get the best professional washing machine installation services from Commercial Laundries.

Are you curious about where to find washing machine installation services in Miami?

To operate a successful commercial laundry business, you must have quality laundry equipment and professional technicians to service your machines.

Here at Commercial Laundries, we provide you with premium laundry equipment and many valuable services.

We employ a great team of mechanics and technicians who are educated and experienced in performing a comprehensive washing machine installation service.

When you partner with us, you have a great team of dedicated professionals ready to assist you in all your laundry machine requirements.

Our team considers all aspects of proper machine delivery and installation so that your machines will operate correctly without causing any problems.

Here at Commercial Laundries, you can select commercial laundry equipment from our great inventory of fine laundry products built by world-famous manufacturers.

Laundry Machine Installation Requirements

Once you have made your selection of machines, our team will deliver and install your commercial laundry equipment.

Washing machine installation service must be performed correctly, and our team checks every detail to ensure that it is done right. Some aspects of machine installation that are considered include:

• Level floor placement
• Electrical hook-up
• Water hook-up and drainage
• The location of heat sources in the area
• Proper hose size and attachment
• Proper placement and size of standpipe for drainage
• Performing a test-run

Once your laundry machines are installed, our technicians perform a test-run to make sure that everything is operating correctly.

During the test-run they will look for specific things, like leaking under the machine, to assure that no problems exist.

Once the testing is complete, your machines are ready for use by your clientele. Having our professionals install your machines assures that your laundry machines will operate efficiently and cost-effectively.

Machine Installation and Other Services

To assist our clients in operating a successful laundry business, we provide valuable services along with our premium laundry machines.

We also offer affordable maintenance and repair contracts so that your machines will always be kept operating at their peak level of performance.

Properly maintained machines have a longer lifespan and don’t require as many repair services.

Your laundry equipment will have less wear and tear on machine parts, and also provide your patrons with the excellent laundry results they expect.

If one of your machines requires repair services, our team can expedite the process so that your laundry facility is fully engaged.

To serve our clients better, we retain a large warehouse filled with commercial laundry machines, and machine parts, so that resources are available when you need them.

Our service vehicles are large enough to hold laundry equipment, tools, and machine parts so that our mechanics and technicians have everything they need to serve you.

Another service we offer is a complimentary Utility Assessment Reports. One of our technicians will inspect your laundry facility to determine if there are snags in your operation that are costing you extra money in utilities, or affecting your machine performance.

Your report will list any problems and provide solutions, but the decision to follow through on solutions is left entirely up to you. This is a free service that we offer our clients and there is no pressure for you to act.

Don’t leave your washing machine installation service to just anyone, and regret it later.

We are a family-owned business for more than 50 years. If you want a great team of professionals who have the expertise to install your machines properly, contact Commercial Laundries today at 855-254-9274.