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Laundry Equipment Services

Get professional laundry equipment services for your machines at Commercial Laundries.

Are you looking for a reliable laundry equipment services company? If so, you have come to the right place.

Commercial Laundries is a leading Florida vendor, serving thousands of laundry facilities across the state. We provide premium laundry equipment and valuable services to assist our clients in operating a successful commercial laundry business.

We employ our own team of professional mechanics and technicians who are educated and experienced in all facets of laundry equipment operations.

If you are having a difficult time trying to find dependable and proficient technicians to service your machines, you need our team of professionals.

Reliable Service

It is inevitable that laundry equipment can break down at any given time, and you want to be prepared in advance. Machine parts wear out, hoses break, or a machine just won’t turn on.

Whatever the problem is, our team can troubleshoot to find the source of the dilemma and correct it. We can have your laundry equipment up and running quickly and effectively.

We provide important laundry equipment services, such as delivery and installation of laundry machines and machine parts, removal of old machines, maintenance and repair services, affordable service contracts, and complimentary Utility Assessment Reports.

Our technicians can make regular visits to your laundry facility to maintain your laundry machines. They can keep your machines operating at their peak level of performance so that they can deliver an excellent laundry outcome that your patrons can appreciate.

Properly maintained laundry machines have a longer lifespan, and potential problems are nipped in the bud before becoming costly mishaps.

When laundry machines are operating correctly, there is less wear and tear on machine parts, and energy usage is more precise which eliminates waste and higher utility costs. By properly maintaining your machines, they will operate better and require fewer repair services.

Our team can also install your laundry equipment and if you have a repair problem, we can expedite the process to address the issue.

We have large service vehicles that can carry laundry machines, tools, and machine parts so that our technicians have everything they need to fix the problem.

We also retain a large warehouse fully stocked with commercial laundry equipment and machine parts, so that we have the resources available when you need them.

When you partner with us, you gain a dedicated team of professionals who are ready to assist you in all your laundry equipment needs.

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A Leading Laundry Service Company

As a leading laundry vendor in Florida, we serve all types of businesses, including:

  • Multi-housing properties
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants and catering halls
  • Hospitals
  • Educational and industrial facilities

We serve both large and small businesses and are committed to serving our clients with the respect, honesty, and professionalism that they deserve.

Our expertise and experience can be an asset to your business by helping your facility operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. And our complimentary Utility Assessment Reports are designed just for that purpose.

One of our technicians can examine your laundry facility to determine if there are snags in your operation that could be costing you more money in utility usage or machine repairs.

Your free report will list any problems and also provide solutions, but you are not obligated to follow through on any solutions. That decision is left entirely up to you and there is no pressure on our part.

We are a family-owned business for more than 50 years. Get the company that will stand behind your business 100 percent.

For more information about our laundry equipment services, contact Commercial Laundries today at 855-254-9274.