Give Your Tenants What They Want: Efficient Commercial Washers and Dryers

commercial washers and dryersLet coin and card operated commercial washers and dryers help you entice and retain tenants.

Are your tenants pleased with your on-site laundry facility, or might there be some room for improvement? You can make your tenants happy by providing them with efficient commercial washers and dryers that get the job done right. Old, slow and sluggish machines will never clean laundry effectively, and could never compete with the advanced technology of newer machines. Machine advancements provide many options that save time and dig deep into laundry fibers to remove dirt and soil. Here are some wonderful advantages of high efficiency commercial washers and dryers:

Improved technology and better efficiency over older machines:

Coin and card operated washer and dryer equipment has many new features that include: energy efficiency, compactness, speed, enhanced water conservation and automation capabilities. Our commercial laundry machines are Energy Star certified to ensure that you are getting a reduction in energy usage and lower water, gas and electric costs. When you use our front load commercial washers and dryers you will realize at least a 30% reduction in hot water usage equating to conserving tens of thousands of gallons of water annually. One of the newest trends in the industry is the recycling of water from commercial washers.

Greater stain-fighting abilities:

Our card and coin operated washer features include enhanced agitation that lifts laundry to allow water to flow through the fibers to remove tough stains and improve the cleaning performance. By forcing the water through the fibers, the laundry is gently scrubbed clean. New technology also features High-G Force extractors on newer machines that remove the water from the laundry along with any residual waste. Your tenants will really appreciate the improvements that our machines will have on their laundry outcome.

Easier payment options with SmartCards:

You and your tenants will love our new SmartCard operated washer and dryer equipment. Just one easy swipe of the card through the scanner and the machine is engaged for use. Your tenants can credit their card with a credit/debit card or cash through the CleanPay Kiosk that is located in your facility. Tenants will appreciate the convenience of their SmartCard and not having to secure coins for laundry chores. And SmartCard technology benefits you also, because the microprocessor chip imbedded in the card stores all data transactions making auditing and bookkeeping an easy task. You will be able to electronically add or remove information, or program different applications of your marketing strategy with SmartCard technology.

Theft-deterrent coin vault technology:

If you are interested in adding new or used coin operated washer and dryer equipment to your laundry facility, look no further. Our coin op machines come in all models and are equipped with large capacity coin vaults to hold large amounts of coins. Add to that solid construction so that our coin vaults resist tampering, theft and damage, and are designed to reject slugs and foreign money. Our coin operated washer and dryer units have advanced technology and mechanics that provide shorter cycles, improved performance, and cost-effective savings.

Working with experts to find exactly what you need:

As a leading commercial laundry vendor in Florida, Commercial Laundries guarantees excellent products and services. We employ our own team of licensed, insured, and educated mechanics and technicians who are experts in their field. We can maintain your machines and have them running at their optimal level of performance to save on energy usage, and make your tenants more than pleased with their laundry results. We also provide delivery, installation, removal of old machines, repair services and Utility Assessment Reports. As your partner, we are committed to assisting you in operating an efficient and lucrative commercial laundry facility.

Our 15,000 square foot warehouse is stocked with commercial washers and dryers and parts so that you always have what you need to run your business. With over 50 years in the business, partnering with us is a smart business move that you will never regret. To learn more about us and our commercial washers and dryers, contact Commercial Laundries Inc. today at: 305-699-3970.