Card Operated Washing Machines for Sale and Lease


Searching card operated washing machines for sale? Find new and used models at Commercial Laundries 

Card Operated Washing MachinesDid you know you could upgrade your commercial laundry facility with card operated washing machines for sale or lease in South Florida? Commercial Laundries is a leading laundry vendor in Florida with the knowledge and resources to help make your laundry facility business a success. We understand the importance of having reliable and cost-efficient laundry equipment to increase your profit by saving money on operating costs. Let us help you upgrade your existing laundry facility with new or used card operated washing machines and dryers.

If you are building a new commercial laundry facility, finding the right commercial washing machines for sale or lease could make or break your business. At Commercial Laundries, we carry the finest quality laundry equipment by American made manufacturers like Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool. These machines are made to endure the daily rigors of commercial laundry use, plus all our equipment is Energy Star certified to help you reduce waste and save money on water, electric and gas usage. If you are working with a tight budget, you may prefer one of our popular lease options to help you get started without all the expense.

One of our most popular equipment types in the laundry industry is the card operated machine. Our card operated washers and dryers are efficient, pleasing to the eye, and DOE compliant to better serve the handicapped community. You and your patrons will surely be pleased by the excellent laundry performance of these machines and the extra savings you will receive on energy costs.

Our card operated washers and dryers offer many great features, such as:

  • Easy to use Smart Card technology that your patrons can credit with their credit or debit card through the Clean Pay kiosk system located in your laundry facility.
  • One swipe of the Smart Card through the scanner on the washer or dryer will engage the machine for use.
  • No coin collecting, or worries regarding tampering or damage to coin vaults.
  • All transaction information is stored and easily accessed, for more efficient bookkeeping.
  • Pricing changes can easily be made in small increments.

Our card operated washers and dryers are equipped with the latest commercial laundry technology and offer great features such as:

  • Multiple cycle options
  • Easy to read digital display panels
  • Multiple water temperature options
  • Stainless steel or porcelain enamel washtubs to gently move laundry around the machine
  • Automatic balancing suspension systems
  • Quick speed agitators and extractors
  • Quiet but powerful blower systems in all dryers, with multiple heat cycles

We serve many different types of residential and commercial laundry facilities in Florida and we would love to include you as another one of our client-partnerships. Card operated machines are ideal for multi-housing rental properties, colleges, catering companies, schools, nursing homes, hospitals and more. Whichever make and model you ultimately choose, our goal is to help you operate the most energy-efficient and cost-effective commercial laundry facility possible.

Our bi-lingual sale reps can help you select the right card operated washing machines and dryers that will best serve your business needs and patron expectancy. All of our commercial washing machines and dryers come with a warranty to ensure your satisfaction. We also offer many great services such as delivery, installation, maintenance visits, repair services and Utility Assessment Reports. We license, insure and educate our expert team of technicians and mechanics. They will be able to service your card operated washers and dryers and keep them running at their optimal level of performance. This will keep your patrons happy, eliminate waste, reduce wear and tear on your machines, and save you money on energy usage.

If you are interested in commercial washing machines and dryers, for sale or lease, contact Commercial Laundries, Inc. today at 305-699-3970. Our 15,000 square foot warehouse is fully stocked with commercial laundry equipment and parts just waiting to help you outfit your new laundry center.